This Dyson 3-in-1 air purifier is entitled to a €150 reduction right after sales

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Part purifier, heater and fan, the Dyson HP7A Hot+Cool AutoReact purifier is a practical device that allows you to live in a less polluted space. And, for now, it is not as expensive as before, since it is offered at 499 euros instead of the 649 euros of Ubaldi.

If Dyson is well known for its famous silent and powerful broom vacuum cleaners, the British brand has also stood out thanks to its air purifiers, which have the advantage, for some, of offering several functions. This is, for example, the case of the HP7A Purifier Hot+Cool AutoReact model which, as its name suggests, is both an air purifier, a fan and a heater. It is therefore not surprising that its base price is quite high, but luckily, a reduction is currently available to reduce the bill by 150 euros.

The Dyson HP7A Hot+Cool AutoReact purifier in a nutshell

  • A three-in-one purifier
  • Captures over 99% of harmful airborne particles
  • Oscillates up to 350°

First shown at €649, the Dyson HP7A Purifier Hot+Cool AutoReact is now offered at €499 at Ubaldi.

An effective purification

The Dyson HP7A Hot+Cool AutoReact Purifier is above all an air purifier that is responsible for detecting harmful particles and pollutants present in your home to capture them thanks to its HEPA filters, positioned at 360° at the base of the machine. . Thanks to its filtration system, this device will be able to eliminate more than 99% of particles as small as viruses, that is. Pollen, dander from our hairballs, bacteria, allergens… The purifier will take care of it in a short time, and it will also take care, at the same time, of eliminating bad odors that may float in your rooms.

The Dyson purifier also has Air Multiplier technology, which generates a constant flow of 290 liters of air per second, allowing us to enjoy purified air in the room. The device can also display the quality of the air in your room.

A three-in-one device

The Dyson HP7A Hot+Cool AutoReact purifier is not only capable of purifying the air in your home, it can also act as a fan or heater, depending on the season. By activating the heating function, the machine will blow warm air into the room, before stopping when the desired room temperature is reached. On the contrary, if you choose the fan function, powerful purified air will be diffused. On the other hand, if you don’t want to get fresh air on your face, but still want the purifier to work inside you, you can activate the “Ambient” mode. The latter will be in charge of projecting the airflow on the back of the device.

To top it off, the Dyson HP7A Hot+Cool AutoReact purifier won’t tarnish your interior with its rather sleek and modern design, which differs from the bulkier look of other purifiers. Also, true to its brand identity, the device will be silent even in operation.

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