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Philips Hue is the great reference in the connected lighting market thanks to its complete packs to get you started in home automation or complete your connected ecosystem. In addition to being qualitative, their products are easy to install and use. Now you can start to get an idea with this starter pack that includes two connected light bulbs on offer at Fnac. Instead of 149.99 euros, you can buy it for 105.13 euros.

Smart lighting is a technology that can lead you to rethink your day to day, we don’t necessarily think about it, but lighting has a considerable impact on day to day. With Philips Hue connected lighting, you’ll find many uses for this technology, from personalizing your ambient lighting to saving money on your energy bill. Find out for yourself with this discovery pack, benefiting from an immediate 30% discount.

What lights us up in this Philips Hue starter pack

  • Light bulbs with 16 million colors and 50,000 shades
  • Devices that are easy to install and use
  • Less energy than traditional bulbs
  • Compatible with voice assistants

Instead of the usual 149.99 euros, the Philips Hue discovery pack is now available for sale at 105.13 euros at Fnac.

The price of the Philips Hue pack drops 30% once in the basket // Source:

16 million colors and as many moods

In this discovery pack, you’ll find two Philips Hue E27 White & Color Ambiance connected bulbs, a Hue bridge, a remote control and a motion detector. Thanks to these accessories, you can, among other things, control your lighting from your smartphone thanks to a dedicated application, by voice thanks to a voice assistant or any connected accessory. And, with the motion detector, your bulbs will turn on automatically when you enter a room.

Bright lighting for a studious atmosphere, warm colors for a romantic evening or dazzling for a party in your living room, nothing is out of the question with these bulbs. With a matrix of 16 million colors and 50,000 shades of warm or cool white light, the possibilities are endless. Not to mention, with a 25,000-hour lifespan, you’ll have peace of mind for a long time before changing them out.

Controllable lighting from anywhere

Thanks to the Hue bridge, you can connect your bulbs to the same ecosystem and control them from your smartphone. Setting custom routines, timers, and moods is at your fingertips. You can even control them remotely, which can come in handy when you’re on vacation, for example. By programming lighting routines, you can simulate a human presence in your home, drastically reducing the risk of burglary.

One last advantage that can be found in these connected bulbs is that they do not consume a lot of energy. According to the manufacturer, they would consume 80% less energy than incandescent bulbs and would need less electricity when they take on a colored hue, with blue being the color that consumes the least. Although these bulbs may seem expensive, they are a worthwhile investment in the long run, especially in these times of skyrocketing energy costs.

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