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To accompany music lovers outdoors, the Huawei Sound Joy Bluetooth speaker will be able to fulfill this role perfectly. It is even possible to get it at 89 euros instead of the 149 euros that it asks for when it comes out.

Huawei Sound Joy
Huawei Sound Joy // Source: Frandroid

In the audio sector, Huawei has in addition to its headphones and wireless headphones, speakers. And, for its first portable Bluetooth speaker, the brand wanted to collaborate with Devialet again. This is the Huawei Sound Joy, which is up to some of its competitors, since its sound signature is pleasant. Picking up the score of 8/10 during our test, it is highly recommended, especially now that it can cost you less than 90 euros thanks to this offer.

What to remember about the Huawei Sound Joy

  • A waterproof portable speaker with beautiful finishes
  • Top-notch audio performance
  • In addition to good autonomy.

With a launch price of 149 euros, the Huawei Sound Joy speaker is currently listed at 99 euros on the manufacturer’s website. And it is that, if you create an account before March 19, it is possible to get it for only 89.99 euros thanks to a discount coupon of 10 euros.

If the offer mentioned in this article is no longer available, check below to find other promotions for Huawei Sound Joy. The table is automatically updated.

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Huawei Sound Joy at the best price?

A compact, careful and bright design…

The Huawei Sound Joy takes a cylindrical shape, 20.2 cm high and weighs 680 g, to be as easy to transport as a water bottle according to the brand. Its beautiful fabric covering also makes it robust, and with its IP67 certification it is capable of withstanding water up to a meter deep for 30 minutes. Therefore, it is ideal for all your excursions in the open air or at the water’s edge.

Its design may seem ordinary at first glance. However, to stand out from the competition, Sound Joy spreads a halo of light across the top of the enclosure. It will light up in different colors depending on actions, charging or voice calls. In this sense, the speaker has three microphones that are used to automatically direct the sound, although it can also be used for voice calls. It’s even possible to call your smartphone’s voice assistant via a button on the speaker. Additionally, the “Shake Stereo Link” feature will allow you to shake two nearby speakers to connect them for stereo sound.

An audio part provided by Devialet

For a mobile first speaker, Huawei doesn’t do things halfway by partnering with one of the audio giants, Devialet. An association that offers a balanced, rich and powerful sound. It incorporates two speakers with a 10 W tweeter in charge of the treble and a 20 W mid-woofer that can focus on the midrange and bass. On each side of the cylinder, wide-range passive radiators will also allow acoustic pressure to be evacuated.

To enjoy your favorite playlists, the Huawei speaker has an 8,800 mAh battery. If the brand announces 26 hours of use at 50% volume, during our test it lasted just over 18 hours at 20% maximum power. In general, however, this autonomy is still very good. It will take 3 hours to fully charge. Finally, it is possible to connect it to a smartphone via an NFC chip. The connection is made here in Bluetooth 5.2, but only with the classic codecs, namely AAC, SBC and LHDC.

For a more comprehensive review, read our full Huawei Sound Joy review.

8 /10


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