This Chinese rival to the Tesla Model S crashes

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The Chinese brand Feifan, also known as Rising Auto, presents its new F7, an electric sedan that pursues the lands of the Tesla Model 3. Compatible with battery change, it takes less than three minutes to fully “recharge”.

Feifan Rising Auto F7
Feifan Rising Auto F7

As the European market begins to be invaded by Chinese brands such as MG, BYD or even Xpeng and Nio, a new player could arrive. Is about Rising Auto, a young brand founded in 2021 also known as Feifan. At the moment only marketed in its native country, the brand in turn could try its luck with us a little later.

A new electric sedan

Last September, the manufacturer lifted the veil on its first car, which later took the form of an electric SUV known as the R7 and heralded from 2021 by the ES33 concept unveiled at the Shanghai fair. A few months later, Feifan returns to the front of the stage with a new model. This time it’s abouta sedan, soberly named F7.

As announced in the SAIC Motor press release, parent company of the brand which also owns MG, this newcomer has just started production in China, at the factory located in Lingang. showing a length of five meters the whole pile By 1.95 meters wide and 1.49 meters high, the electric sedan then hunts directly on the grounds of the Tesla Model S.

At first glance, this new F7 shows quite similar styling to the Nio ET7, which we had the chance to drive a few months earlier. Some may also note a silhouette reminiscent of its American rival. Anyway, a lot of work has been done on the aerodynamics, while the car shows a Cx of only 0.206thus approaching the Mercedes EQS and its 0.20.

If equipped with body-integrated handles, however, it ignores the camera mirrors. The sedan shows a rather generous 3 meter wheelbase, which can accommodate up to five passengers on board, in a driving position reminiscent of the Mercedes EQS and EQE. In fact we found a huge 43-inch digital panel very close to the Hyperscreen of German sedans.

An express recharge

In the rear, the occupants can enjoy a more classic 8-inch screen while the car is equipped with an audio system with no less than 16 speakers. However, we do not know if the touchscreen is compatible with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. Based on an internal platform and an aluminum chassis as specified on the site Tech Goingthe new Feifan F7 is available in propulsion and four-wheel drive. The power is then between 250 and 400 kW (between 340 and 544 horsepower) for a torque that reaches 700 Nm.

Therefore, the0 to 100 km/h is achieved in 3.7 seconds in the top-spec version, compared to 3.2 seconds for the standard Tesla Model S. If the battery capacity has not been specified, the site is home specifies that the autonomy is shown in 666 kilometers according to the Chinese CLTC cycle. So it is quite necessary to have 566 WLTP kilometers. No charging time or power has been announced, but it is known that the sedan will be compatible with battery swapping.

A technology inaugurated by Nio in China and Europe, but also recently developed by the SAIC group, which then makes it possible to start with a complete car in just two and a half minutes. Please note that the new Rising Auto F7 is also equipped with the Rising Pilot semi-autonomous driving system, probably limited to level 2. This is made operational thanks to an Nvidia Drive Orin chip that offers a power of 254 TOPS and 32 sensors. However, the car is not equipped with LiDAR like the Nio ET7 and other Volvo EX90s.

The first deliveries of the electric sedan will begin in March, while orders are already open. If the rates are not yet known, the deposit required to reserve is only 77 yuan, or the equivalent of 10 euros. The first customers will be able to benefit from the change of batteries or the use of semi-autonomous driving for life. If no information about marketing in Europe has been disclosed, this possibility cannot be excluded.

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