This cheap copy of the iPhone 14 Pro works thanks to Huawei

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The design of the iPhone 14 Pro has been mercilessly copied by this new smartphone in China, the LeEco S1 Pro. The latter works with Huawei Mobile Services and costs less than 150 euros. It also and above all tends to demonstrate Apple’s influence in the market.

LeEco S1 Pro // Source: Whylab on Weibo

Smartphones have been more or less loosely inspired from each other for years. However, it had been a relatively long time since we came across such an unscrupulous iPhone copy. Here, it is more precisely the iPhone 14 Pro that served as the muse for a new smartphone launched in China just in time for the Chinese New Year festivities. This is the LeEco S1 Pro.

Design-wise, this device almost exactly copies the look of the iPhone 14 Pro. From the flat edges to the dynamic island at the top of the screen and the look of the three-sensor photo block on the back, everything seems to be in place. signed by Apple. Looking at the official images of the LeEco S1 Pro, some might almost believe that it is an advertisement that the Cupertino company would broadcast in China.

LeEco S1 Pro // Source: Whylab on Weibo

However, it only takes a closer look to realize that the resemblance between the LeEco S1 Pro and the iPhone 14 Pro is just a facade. Already at the price level. The smartphone costs just 899 yuan in its individual configuration, or around 123 euros including tax. In terms of features, rather we have the right to a 6.5-inch LCD screen with a definition of 1600 x 720 pixels and a 60 Hz refresh rate. The SoC -a Zhanrui T7510- is recorded in 12 nm, accompanied by 8 GB of RAM and 128 GB of storage.

Huawei mobile services on the wand

The LeEco S1 Pro has a 5000 mAh battery with a 10 W charger. The main photo sensor on the back benefits from 13 megapixels compared to 5 megapixels for the selfie camera. The smartphone has the merit of being compatible with 5 G. Finally, you should know that it is based on Huawei Mobile Services (HMS). It is Huawei’s alternative to Google Mobile Services (GMS) to which we are much more accustomed in Europe.

In China, HMS seems to be becoming a very popular solution in a market where Google services are banned. The Wiko 5G sold there, for example, works perfectly with HarmonyOS, Huawei’s operating system.

Apple’s strength

Going back to the LeEco S1 Pro, this shameless copy of the iPhone 14 Pro once again proves Apple’s strength in the smartphone market. Or rather, his ability has created trends in this sector. Several competitors are inspired by it – we have already seen several devices with flat edges, for example – others seem content to copy and paste.

It should be noted in passing that LeEco (LeTV) is a brand that had great ambitions a few years ago, but whose projects were greatly jeopardized when the group was on the brink of bankruptcy.

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