This broom vacuum cleaner is a very good offer (-140€)

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Dyson, a key player in the vacuum broom market, offers practical products that provide very good suction power. The V11 Absolute is one of them, and it is already on sale at 459 euros instead of 599 euros on the manufacturer’s website.

If you’re tired of pulling the big vacuum out of the closet, investing in a stick vacuum is a good solution. And, what better than resorting to those offered by the Dyson brand. Practical, versatile and powerful, the brand’s models continue to appeal to those who want to complete the task of vacuuming as quickly as possible. If you want to get one, but the price has always been an obstacle, you should know that at the moment the Dyson V11 Absolute benefits from a good discount of 140 euros.

The advantages of the Dyson V11 Absolute

  • A versatile vacuum cleaner
  • With good suction power on different types of soil
  • And able to last an hour

Offered at €599 on the official website, the Dyson V11 Absolute Cordless Broom Vacuum is currently discounted at €459.99 on Cdiscount.

A practical vacuum cleaner to clean from floor to ceiling

By swapping out your canister vac for a Dyson stick vac, you’ll be able to maintain your interior with little effort. Here, the Dyson V11 Absolute offers great versatility, with freedom of use thanks to the absence of cables and bags. Its bar format makes it very practical, whether you want to vacuum the floor, tall furniture or even the ceiling.

At 3kg on the scale, the V11 Absolute has the advantage of being lightweight to make moving between floors less painful. It is even possible to transform the broom into a handheld vacuum cleaner with a simple click, to suck up dirt between the back seats of cars, in the creases of the front seats or between the cushions of your sofa.

Effective for a good hour.

The V11 Absolute is not the latest from the brand, but it delivers good power. It incorporates 14 cyclones that generate good power to capture microscopic particles, such as pollen and bacteria, in the collector. And, with its motorized brush, the Dyson mop effectively vacuums and detangles hair and hair. It is also equipped with a filtration system for microscopic particles as small as 0.3 microns.

It has an LCD screen on the top, which is very practical to check the battery level in real time, or even to notify you when it is time to empty the dust container. In terms of autonomy, you can vacuum for 60 minutes with the eco mode, which will leave you plenty of time to get rid of all the dust and other things. Once your vacuuming session is over, all you have to do is hang the Dyson on its wall-mounted docking station.

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