This bath mat is connected and acts as a scale.

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At CES 2023, the Baracoda brand dedicated to connected health presented its first connected bath mat. It allows you to measure your weight, but also gives information about body composition, posture and balance.

The connected bathroom mat BBalance Matscale // Source: Baracoda

CES 2023 in Las Vegas was an opportunity to discover major technological innovations, but also a host of unusual, even crazy, tech products. Among them was the BBalance Matscale, a connected bathroom mat from the Baracoda brand. It comes with various features to know some daily measured health data.

A connected scale on a bath mat

This bath mat is covered in a washable 100% cotton cover. Paired with an Apple Watch, one can measure balance.” analyzing the center of gravity and the pressure of a user. “By the elders, Baracoda announces that this”can detect subtle changes and predict fall riskThis somewhat special connected scale is waterproof and has a six-month battery life.

You can connect to the Matscale BBalance via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. This mat has no less than 2800 sensors, which makes it possible to support up to 100 users, automatically recognizing them. The data is synchronized through thecloudfrom Baracoda, but they can also be integrated with Apple Health and Google Fit. A device that has dimensions of 81 by 56 by 2.5 centimeters, which makes it suitable for all foot sizes, and weighs 7.1 kg.

Other health data measured by this bath mat

In addition to weight, BBalance also measures “information about body composition, posture and balance.“What to bring through the associated application”a personalized training experience for each user, including guided breathing, balance, meditation and strength training exercises.»

The BBalance Matscale bath mat // Source: BBalance

Baracoda’s positioning for this product is body acceptance. Behind marketing is the desire to create habits that do not require effort. The promise: put your feet on the bath mat every day that measures various data, without additional action.

The BBalance Matscale is available for pre-order at an MSRP of $349, but the brand has put it on sale for $299 for a limited time. Deliveries are scheduled for spring 2023 and two colors are available: black and white.

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