This 5G mobile plan with 130 GB of data costs only €12.99/month, and not just for the first year

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To take advantage of a mobile plan with an affordable, no-obligation mobile data package, you must contact NRJ Mobile. In the war for the best mobile offer, the operator has raffled off a 50% promotion on its 130 GB 5G plan, usually offered at a price of 24.99 euros per month. For now, you can subscribe to it for the modest sum of 12.99 euros per month.

Mobile virtual network operators are gaining a larger place in the telecommunications market thanks to particularly attractive and, in most cases, non-binding offers. NRJ Mobile is one of them and right now, its 5G mobile plan with 130 GB of mobile data is seeing its price cut in half, and not just for the first year.

Signing up for NRJ Mobile means:

  • without obligation
  • 130 GB of data and 25 GB of Europe and overseas, in 5G
  • Unlimited calls and texts from mainland France, overseas departments and the EU

Instead of the usual €24.99 per month, NRJ Mobile’s 130 GB 5G plan is currently available at €12.99 per month. The offer is not binding, so you can cancel your subscription at any time.

What you need to know about NRJ Mobile’s 5G plan

NRJ Mobile is a virtual mobile network operator belonging to Bouygues Télécom since December 31, 2020, thus benefiting from the quality of the Bouygues mobile network. If you have subscribed to the NRJ Mobile package, you can go to the Bouygues infrastructures anywhere in France and the overseas departments, but also to its partners abroad.

The great advantage of this package is that you can enjoy a high-speed connection thanks to the 130 GB 5G envelope, enough to binge-watch wherever you want. It’s also handy for working on your laptop outdoors thanks to tethering. If you happen to reach the end of your envelope, you will not be charged any extra, but your data rate will be greatly reduced.

In addition to the 130 GB 5G envelope, you benefit from a 25 GB 4G envelope to be used from the French overseas departments and the countries of the European Union, just to share as many stories as possible on your vacation. Finally, you benefit from unlimited calls and SMS/MMS throughout France and the EU countries.

How do I sign up for the NRJ Mobile 5G plan?

It’s simple as hello. Just choose the offer that suits you best and fill in your details. You must also send supporting documents: a scan of your identity document, your bank details and proof of address. You will then be charged 10 euros in addition to the first month of subscription for your new SIM card. Opening your account and accessing NRJ Mobile services is done within three business days from the date of subscription.

Since it is not binding, you can completely cancel your subscription before the price returns to what it was. We have even implemented a tool for you to remember the end date of your promotion.

Please note that you will be charged an additional 10 euros when purchasing your new triple cut SIM card.

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