This 27-inch PC gamer screen is sold for less than 169 euros on Amazon

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For gamers, choosing a monitor is based on a few important criteria: resolution, frame rate, and response time. Fortunately, this promotional PC display ticks all the right boxes and offers a few features. On Amazon, the Lenovo G27-30 monitor is currently offered at 166.97 euros, a much lower price than usual.

While Lenovo is not the first brand we have in mind in the gaming display market, it does offer a full range in this value-oriented product category. Their G27-30 is a good example, and it’s now enjoying a nice discount on Amazon.

The Lenovo G27-30 gaming monitor in a nutshell

  • Ultra-fluid at 165 Hz
  • VRR supported via FreeSync
  • Its complete connectivity with 2 HDMI ports and a DisplayPort port

Instead of the 250 euros that is usually around, the Lenovo G27-30 is now available on sale for 166.97 euros on Amazon.

27 inches of ultra-smooth gameplay

This 27-inch screen is equipped with an IPS LCD panel, which allows it to offer better colorimetry and wider viewing angles than a TN or VA panel with Full HD definition (1920 x 1080 pixels). Its refresh rate is exemplary with 165 Hz on the counter, no detail should escape you, ideal for competitive FPS. With its millisecond response time, the Lenovo G27-30 should react to your commands the instant you press the keys.

full connections

To better enjoy smooth performance, the Lenovo G27-30 monitor offers VRR support through AMD FreeSync Premium Certification. This synchronizes your display with your graphics card’s rendering rate to eliminate tearing, blurriness, and latency that could make your games unpleasant. VRR will of course be possible on PCs with AMD GPUs, but also with Nvidia GPUs via the G-Sync compatible program.

The connection includes two HDMI 2.0 inputs and one Display Port 1.4 input. The Display Port cable is included with the power cord. The screen has two 3 W speakers and is only height adjustable. This last point is rather unfortunate when most of today’s monitors also tilt and swivel on their own. But you have to know how to make concessions at this price.

Where to find the best display for PC gaming?

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