This 2-pack of AOC curved gaming monitors (23.6″, 165 Hz, FreeSync) costs less than €330

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Having two screens in your setup allows you to game more comfortably. Rue du commerce is offering a pack of two high-performance AOC gaming monitors, listed at €329.99 instead of €399.99.

Demanding gamers often have more than one screen in their gaming setup, allowing them to perform several different tasks simultaneously. But buying two monitors at the same time can add significantly to the bill. Fortunately, currently an offer allows you to get two models of the AOC brand, equipped with efficient configurations, for less than 330 euros.

The strengths of this pack of 2 AOC gamer screens

  • 23.6 inch tiles
  • A 165 Hz refresh rate for excellent fluidity
  • AMD FreeSync Compatibility

First shown at €399.99, the AOC C24G2AE/BK gaming monitor two-pack is now being offered at €329.99 on Rue du commerce.

Curved screens for a beautiful immersion

The two AOC C24G2AE/BK gaming screens first win points with their design. Indeed, these models have very thin screen borders, not to say invisible, that allow the image to be placed in the center of the game. These borders frame a 23.6-inch VA panel, Full HD (1920 x 1080), which will be more than enough for players who do not need a very large diagonal for their sessions or who want to have access to all the information without turning their heads to competitive games.

But the main advantage of these AOC screens is precisely this curved panel that will make the immersion in the game even better, since it will be able to cover the user’s gaze. It all sits on a very stable Y-foot that doesn’t take up too much desk space, leaving you free to slide a few peripherals under the screen.

Excellent fluidity in every part.

These two monitors also offer excellently smooth gameplay thanks to their 165Hz refresh rate. Convenient for chaining combos without slowdown. Add to that a 1ms response rate that will allow you to avoid any lag in your gaming actions, especially during games where responsiveness is essential. The other point in favor of these PC screens is their compatibility with AMD FreeSync (compatible with Nvidia GPUs), which will take care of solving the problems of tearing By synchronizing the screen refresh rate with the number of frames delivered by the graphics card, minimizing screen tearing or stuttering during gaming. Finally, on the connector side, the screens have two HDMI 1.4 ports, a VGA port, a DisplayPort 1.2 and a 3.5mm headphone jack.

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