This 2-in-1 robot vacuum cleaner on sale at -37% is very efficient for this price

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Ecovacs has a lot to offer with its range of robot vacuum cleaners. The Deebot N8 is capable of vacuuming and washing the floor simultaneously, all for less than 250 euros. It will keep your floors clean without you having to lift a finger.

In the robot vacuum market, the manufacturer Ecovacs strives to offer good products, and this, with the best value for money. Among them we find the Deebot N8, a robot vacuum cleaner capable of cleaning your home efficiently, especially since it is equipped with a washing system to leave your floors even cleaner. Generally expensive, the brand has designed this 2-in-1 robot at a fairly affordable price. During sales, you lose 150 euros of your price.

What are the advantages of the Deebot N8?

  • 2-in-1 cleaning: mop and clean
  • Good suction power on all types of floors
  • and accurate mapping

Offered on the Ecovacs site at 399 euros, the Deebot N8 robot vacuum cleaner drops to 249 euros on Cdiscount during sales.

Premium features, without the price

In this price range, the Deebot N8 offers services worthy of premium robotic vacuum cleaners, but at a more contained price. In addition to being able to sneak into corners with its 7.9 cm height, the Ecovacs robot vacuum cleaner is capable of recognizing and avoiding all obstacles in real time in the home, but also of establishing a map of them. This is possible thanks to the presence of the dToF (Direct Time of Flight) laser present on the top of the robot: you will obtain precise mapping.

This map can be viewed from the Ecovacs Home app (available on iOS and Android). It will be possible to control and customize your cleaning, target or prohibit the areas you want to clean. It also allows you to turn on the vacuum at home when you are not around. It should be added that this model is also compatible with Alexa and Google Assistant voice assistants to be able to control it by voice. So you can talk to him directly to ask him to vacuum the kitchen or immediately return to his charging station.

A complete cleaning

Of course, it is capable of tackling any type of floor (carpet, parquet or tile) and will not leave behind debris, large or small. Sweeps, vacuums and washes the floor simultaneously to remove tough stains, regardless of the type of surface. The N8+ is very powerful with a maximum suction power of up to 2,300 Pa, 53% more efficient compared to the Deebot Ozmo 950, according to the brand.

Finally, on the autonomy side, the Ecovacs Deebot N8 provides 110 minutes of autonomy, which should be enough to vacuum everything in your home, but of course it will all depend on the size of your home. To fully charge the device, please wait about four hours.

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