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If you have a PS5, you may now want to add a more capable SSD to it than the original. At the moment the Crucial P5 Plus of 1 TB is a good deal, going to 99.64 euros compared to the usual 139.49.

Are you a little tight on the storage side? On your PS5 or PC? The obvious solution is the SSD. During the sales, it is possible to offer you one of Crucial’s most efficient and least expensive models, the P5 Plus, which is available with more than 40 euros discount on its 1 TB version. Sony requirements, offering read speeds sufficiently high and good storage capacity to boost your PS5.

What are the strengths of this SSD?

  • Offers speeds of up to 6,600 MB/s
  • Offers a storage amount of 1TB
  • Compatible with PS5 and PC with PCIe 4.0 port

Instead of a strikeout price of 139.49 euros, the 1 TB Crucial P5 Plus SSD (CT1000P5PSSD8) in M.2 format benefits from around a 30% discount and thus goes for 99.64 euros on Amazon.

An SSD to relieve your PS5

What makes this SSD a great deal is that it has all the specs to fit Sony’s next-gen console. It is a PCIe 4.0 NVMe SSD that offers internal transfer speeds of 6600 MB/s read and 5000 MB/s write. Which is more than enough given the console’s recommended minimum of 5500 MB/s. However, this SSD has a flaw: it is not equipped with a heat dissipation system. Without this cooling structure, it is capable of overheating. Therefore, it will be necessary to take it separately to avoid overheating. However, it has adaptive thermal protection.

To install it, it is not as simple as inserting a memory card. Make sure to update your console first, then equip yourself with a Phillips screwdriver, be delicate and be patient. But don’t worry, if you want to install it on your console, we recommend this article that includes all the steps to follow to install the SSD without any problem.

1A = 6 Call of Duty MWII

In addition to providing better gaming performance, this SSD will, above all, allow you to install more games. With a rather limited storage of 667 GB, your PS5 may be running low. With this 1TB storage SSD, your storage can be lighter. You will be able to take advantage of a larger storage space to install more games, or even applications and software if you want to associate it with a PC. This SSD will be very responsive and capable of reducing the loading time of your games, especially on PC.

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