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Western Digital, also known as WD, is a renowned computer hardware manufacturer known for its various storage solutions. The American firm has different ranges of hard drives, where Elements continues to be its reference range. The 14 TB version is currently on sale on Amazon, with a starting price of 315.99 euros that today drops to just 219.99 euros.

WD Elements // Source: Western Digital

Storage solutions are more useful than ever in these days when content is gaining in quality and becoming more voluminous. With the 14TB WD Elements, you won’t have to worry about running out of storage space. In addition, today you can save almost 100 euros on the purchase of this model.

The advantages of the WD Elements 14TB

  • large storage capacity
  • USB 3.0 and USB 2.0 compatible
  • Design compact and envelope

Instead of 315.99 euros on the official website of the brand, the 14 TB WD Elements is now available on sale for 219.99 euros on Amazon.

WD Elements 14 TB price history on Amazon // Source: Keepa.

14,000 GB to end the lack of space

In more ways than one, the use of external hard drives is beneficial. Laptop or desktop storage is known to fill up relatively quickly. As we know, a saturated hard drive degrades the overall performance of the PC. Game consoles are also affected by this problem. Games are becoming more and more successful and require a larger space. The same is true for audio, photo, and video content.

With the 14TB WD Elements, you no longer have to sort through files and data to delete due to running out of space. With 16,000 GB of storage, this type of grant is no longer necessary. At 13.5 x 4.8 x 16.58 cm, this space-saving external hard drive will easily find a place next to your PC, game console, TV, etc.

A nice plug and play HDD

The good thing about WD Elements 16TB is that it is easy to use. You won’t have to install any software on it to use it. Simply connect it to a terminal with its USB cable (supplied with an AC adapter). Its default NTFS format makes it easy for Windows to recognize.

Of course, Elements 14TB is compatible with other platforms. It is possible to make it compatible with a Mac, Linux or a television. To do this, it must be formatted in ExFAT or Fat32 format. If your read and write speeds are not equal to that of an SSD, data transfer via USB 3.0 is still fine.

Alternatives to Western Digital

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