these two low cost electric scooters are cut for neophytes

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The basic offer of Segway-Ninebot is reinforced with two new models called KickScooter E2 Plus and KickScooter E2.

Segway Ninebot E2
Source : Segway-Ninebot

Segway-Ninebot led a major media offensive by unveiling a multitude of new electric scooters as part of MWC 2023 and the 2 Wheels show in Lyon. In addition to the ultra-high-end G2 Max and the F2 series, the manufacturer is also strengthening its entry-level presence with two new models.

Here are the Segway-Ninebot KickScooter E2 Plus and Segway-Ninebot KickScooter E2, whose technical specifications are similar in all aspects, with some differences. The duo is distinguished above all by its power, its top speed and, to a lesser extent, its weight.

Limited to 25 km/h for one, 20 km/h for the other

The most successful, the Plus version, claims a top speed of 25 km/h, combined with a power rating of 300 W and a maximum power of 500 W. Opposite, the standard E2 is limited to a speed of 20 km/h, for a nominal power of 250 W and a maximum power of 450 W.

This latest model risks limiting itself to a speed of 20 km/h. It is true that this plays in favor of autonomy… at the risk of frustrating users, due to a slightly limited pace. Far from us thinking that our EDPM trips are like a race, don’t worry.

Practical Weights for Intermodal

In terms of weight, 200 grams separate these two machines: 14.4kg for the KickScooter E2 Plus, 14.2kg for the KickScooter E2. These are honorable values ​​for anyone looking to get into intermodal travel. We are far from the 24.3 kg of the G2 Max, for example.

For the rest, the technical sheets are the same:

  • Motor: on the hub of the front wheel;
  • Battery: 220W;
  • Charge: 7.5 hours;
  • Autonomy: up to 25 km;
  • Tires: hollow inside, 8.1″;
  • Brake: electronic front, drum rear;
  • Board: LED, 2.8 inches;
  • Protection: IPX4 on the scooter, IPX6 on the battery;
  • Supported load: 90 kg;
  • Climb angle: 12%;
  • Traction control system.

Price and availability

Expected from April, the Segway-Ninebot KickScooter E2 Plus and KickScooter E2 will start at 349 euros. This is the price of the standard version. For the Plus iteration, the manufacturer has not yet communicated it.

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