These Nintendo Switch Joy-Cons at -10% look like a GameCube controller

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The Nyxi brand has thought of the fans of the unforgettable Gamecube by designing Joy-Cons for Nintendo Switch that copy the design of the controller of the old Big N console. It is usually offered at a price of 66 euros, this retro model can go back to 59 euros on the brand’s website thanks to a promotional code.

Those who have discovered the joys of gaming on the famous GameCube will no doubt remember this purple controller with rounded lines and white and yellow joysticks. The Nyxi brand wanted to please these nostalgics by launching Joy-Cons for Nintendo Switch that take up exactly this retro design. This controller scores points thanks to its appearance, but also thanks to its guaranteed drift-free joysticks. To test it, the moment seems ideal since a promotional code of -10% allows you to lower your launch price.

Highlights of the Nyxi Gamecube Style Controller

  • A design very faithful to the “Gamecube style”
  • Guaranteed drift-free joycons
  • A massive model, but light.

Proposed to launch at 66.34 euros, the Nyxi Wizard joypad for Nintendo Switch is now listed at 59.70 euros on the Nyxi site thanks to our promo code gamecube4ever.

The reduced price of the Nyxi controller after applying the promo code.

A Gamecube controller, but for Switch

The owners of a Nintendo Switch will therefore be able to change their classic Joy-Con for this Nyxi Wizard joypad that very well copies the design of the controls of the extinct GameCube. Therefore, we are entitled to purple Joy-Cons with small handles like on a classic controller. The white and yellow joysticks are present here, as well as the control buttons that can be found on the GameCube companion model. On the Nyxi controller, they are even backlit, which will make the experience more enjoyable. But beware, the configuration of these buttons will be the same as that found on the Gamecube controller: therefore, it will differ from that of the Nintendo Switch Joy-Con.

Surely you have noticed: these Joy-Con are much more massive than the more classic models. Therefore, they will take up more space in the hands, which must be taken into account. However, and this is quite surprising, the set is much lighter than the classic Switch Joy-Con. The only downside: This lighter controller could also be more fragile.

Guaranteed drift-free joysticks

Like all Switch Joy-Cons on the market, the model offered by Nyxi can be used in different ways: plugged into the Nintendo Switch, as a pro controller thanks to the piece that welds the two Joy-Cons, or on Joy -With separated. -Scam. But the main argument that allows the Nyxi Wizard controller to stand out from the rest is its guaranteed drift-free joysticks, this rather nasty flaw that manifests itself in unwanted actions and fake in-game interactions, such as characters moving on their own when not in use. touch no joystick.

In fact, Nyxi has opted for Hall effect joysticks, which use magnets and an electrical conductor that allow the components of the joysticks to never touch each other. Therefore, the sensors are less likely to wear out in the long run and cause this drift effect, very common in Switch joysticks. Also, note that you can change the rings that surround the joysticks. You can choose between a round ring or an octagonal ring. The former will be especially useful for racing games where precision is required, while the latter will be well-suited for fighting games to quickly and precisely position the direction of the attack.

If you want to discover other references to compare them with the Nyxi model, we invite you now to consult our guide to the best controls compatible with Nintendo Switch in 2023.

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