These 2 new electric bikes have a noticeable advantage over the competition

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The Spanish manufacturer Desiknio updates its catalog with three new models of electric bicycles. Two of them are equipped with a Pinion gearbox, which has many advantages.

Source : Desiknio

The year 2023 rhymes with renewal on Desiknio’s side. The Spanish manufacturer of high-end electric bicycles updates its catalog with three new models called Desiknio X35 Pinion, Desiknio X20 Pinion and Desiknio X20 Gravel. All at particularly salty prices.

The first two cycles are distinguished by their Pinion gearbox – a technology derived from motorcycling – which significantly transforms the driving experience. When changing gear, constant jumping is not noticeable. It also provides resistance on the pedals even at high speeds of 30 or even 40 km/h.

A convincing result

This system is also more durable, more efficient than a derailleur drivetrain, and benefits from better sealing against water and dust. Our colleagues at Numerama tested it on the Stromer ST3 Pinion LE speedbike and came up with a surprising and convincing result.

Source : Desiknio

In this sense, ultimately, it is perhaps not a coincidence to see a Pinion gearbox landing at Desiknios. In fact, the Iberian company has established a strong partnership with… Stromer, during the year 2022, which therefore masters the integration of such a system on two wheels. No doubt Stromer was probably involved in the project.

At €5,395, the Desiknio X35 Pinion is the least expensive of the three. It has a Mahle X35 motor with a torque of 40 Nm, Gates belt, Shimano MT201 hydraulic disc brakes and a 250 Wh battery that gives it a maximum range of 50 km with the most powerful assistance mode. It is intended for urban use.

A gravel on the menu

The Desiknio X20 Pinion is 500 euros more expensive, but opts for a carbon monocoque frame, Brooks C17 Carved saddle, Gates belt, nine speeds, but above all an engine with more torque – the Mahle X20 – with 55 Nm. contained weight of 14 kg, for a range of 50 km.

Source : Desiknio

The Desiknio X20 Gravel is the youngest of this trio, which comes at a price of 7495 euros. Gravel requires, this model can take you on a getaway on both flat roads and more rugged terrain. This is the whole principle of a gravel: being halfway between a road bike and a mountain bike.


Therefore, this model is equipped with Pirelli Black 45 tires, but weighs only 12 kg on the scale. Which makes it one of the lightest electric bikes on the market. The technical sheet is completed with a Brooks C13 Carved saddle, a Supernova V521s front light or a Campagnolo 13-speed transmission. This cycle shares the same engine as the X30 Pinion, but a more generous range of 70-80 km.

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