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Do you experience a service outage or technical malfunction and an error code appears on your Livebox without you understanding its meaning? Here is the list of possible problems you may encounter and how to fix them.

Internet, TV or phone are no longer available and your Livebox shows an obscure code that you have never seen before? Don’t panic, these codes are there to notify you of a malfunction and a way to remedy it. Here is the list of error codes displayed based on your Livebox model.

Livebox 4 Error Codes

Released in 2016, the Livebox 4 was a true revolution for the incumbent operator as well as the entire internet box market. It was the first Orange box to offer a modem and TV decoder in a single offer, as well as native 4K support for the TV decoder and the Wi-Fi power of the internet box. It was also possible to subscribe to an online cloud directly managed by Orange, a novelty that other operators were quick to include in their offers.

Another great innovation, the support of 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz frequencies for Wi-Fi with the IEEE 802.11ac standard that will last until Livebox 5. Livebox 4 was also very advanced in terms of speed, since it allowed to benefit from a speed of load. of up to 1.9 Gb/s with the wireless network. Finally, it also offered the addition of a hard drive to act as a NAS, an innovation that Free already offered with its Freebox Revolution.

Note that Livebox 4 was offered until 2020 on Sosh box deals, since then it has been replaced by Livebox 5.

This is the list of error codes that Livebox 4 displays on the front screen when a service is not working properly. The list is not exhaustivemost errors are explained by text.

  • Error codes beginning with int:
    • int_03_1100 : Internet not available, contact 3900
    • int_03_1110 : Internet not available, restart Livebox
    • int_03_1200 : Internet not available, contact 3900
    • int_03_1210 : Internet not available restart Livebox
    • int_03_2000 : identification problem, contact 3900
    • int_03_3000 : Orange net incident
    • int_03_9000 : login problem, go to admin console
    • int_03_9990 : connection not established, contact 3900
    • int_03_9995 : connection not established, restart Livebox
    • int_04_9995 : connection not established
  • Error codes beginning with stock:
    • stocks_03_0000 : hard disk not visible, contact 3900
    • action_03_5000 : defective disk, contact 3900
    • stocks_07_1000 : disk operation in progress
  • Error codes beginning with voip:
    • voip_03_0000 : Internet phone service is not available, call 3900
    • voip_03_0003 : Internet phone service is not available, call 3900
    • voip_03_0004 : Internet phone service is not available, please call 3900
    • voip_03_1000 : Internet phone service is not available, please call 3900
    • voip_03_1111 : Internet phone service is not available, please call 3900
    • voip_07_2000 : no phone detected, the Livebox does not detect any phone
    • voip_07_4000 : Internet phone not subscribed
    • voip_08_1110: unanswered call test, internet phone service is available
  • Error codes beginning with wan:
    • wan_03_1000 : network not available, test the line with the my Livebox mobile app
    • wan_03_2001 : Fiber not available, call 3900
    • wan_03_2002 : Fiber not available, call 3900
    • wan_03_2003 : Fiber not available, call 3900
    • wan_03_2004 : Fiber not available, call 3900
    • wan_03_3001 : Fiber not available, call 3900
    • wan_03_3002 : Fiber not available, call 3900
    • wan_03_4001 : No airbox detected
    • wan_03_4002 : Airbox ready for activation, activate it with the my Livebox mobile app
    • wan_03_4003 : Mobile network not available
    • wan_03_4004 : Unrecognized airbox model
    • wan_03_5000 : Network not available, contact 3900
  • Error codes beginning with Wi-Fi:
    • wifi_03_0000 : One of the Wi-Fi networks (2.4 GHz or 5 GHz) does not transmit
    • wifi_03_0002 : Presence of significant radio interference
    • wifi_03_1000 : One of the Wi-Fi networks (2.4 GHz or 5 GHz) is not active
    • wifi_07_0009 : Both Wi-Fi networks (2.4 GHz or 5 GHz) are down
    • wifi_07_0020 : WPS disabled. Impossible to connect the decoder to Wi-Fi
    • wifi_07_0030 : Wi-Fi not broadcast, connection restricted to certain devices
    • wifi_08_0010 : Too many devices active on 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi
    • wifi_08_0011 : Too many devices active on 5GHz Wi-Fi
    • wifi_08_0012 : Wi-Fi degraded by old equipment
    • wifi_08_0100 : Wi-Fi degraded due to an antenna failure

Livebox 5 Error Codes

The Livebox 5 is a timid and deliberately minimalist evolution compared to the previous generation. From a design point of view, we are entitled to a more sober and discreet box. The front screen has disappeared and is replaced by light-emitting diodes. It is also the first Internet box made entirely of recycled plastic and with very low consumption, an argument that Orange will use.

The adapter for the fiber connection is now integrated directly into the box, which saves space. On the performance side, few important changes apart from a shared speed, in addition to spreading up to 2 Gb/s speed in reception and up to 600 Mb/s in transmission among several devices (within the limit of 1 Gb/s per device). .

The Livebox 5 also incorporates Smart Wifi technology. This technology automatically selects the best frequency band (2.4 or 5 GHz) and the best channel. This also reduces the nuisance generated by the Wi-Fi of the neighbours. The Livebox 5 is also compatible with the “connected homeof orange that makes its appearance.

Regarding the display of the error codes, the Livebox 5 lacks a display on the front, the codes are explained by color variations between the diodes.


The connections of your installation can be a source of malfunction. Check the connection of the optical cable to the Livebox 5 and to the wall outlet.


The identifiers saved in the configuration interface of your Livebox 5 are incorrect. Use the My Livebox app to fix this problem.


The fixed telephone service is not functional. You can start a diagnosis from the configuration interface.


Livebox update in progress.

◻️x3 (flashing)

General connection problem, the line may not be or is no longer active. Please call 3900.

livebox 6 error codes

The Livebox 6 arrives in 2022 and finally introduces true technical innovations ahead of the competition. Design-wise, it takes the form of a square block with rounded corners, designed to be placed vertically thanks to its support, in particular to optimize Wi-Fi distribution and ensure better coverage. The great hardware innovation refers to the addition of an electronic ink touch screen on the front panel that allows better navigation on the device by displaying certain information, such as the QR code to facilitate connection or Wi-Fi management.

On the technical side, the box is compatible with the Wi-Fi 6E standard with wireless download speeds of up to 2 Gb/s, three times more than what a Livebox 5 offers, for example.

Once again, Orange has opted for a box that wants to be eco-responsible since it is designed with 100% recycled and recyclable plastics and fabrics. It also includes a standby function and a low power display to reduce power consumption.

Unlike its predecessors, the Livebox 6 does not show any particular error codeexplains directly from your screen if there is an ongoing problem, in particular with the display of a QR code that allows you to download the My livebox app and solve a potential problem.

How to do a complete diagnosis of your Livebox yourself?

In most cases, a technical incident in an Orange device can be solved by calling Orange assistance at 3900 from a landline or 700 from a mobile. Through your number, Orange’s advisors have access to your file and the information of your box in real time and, therefore, can provide you with a precise diagnosis of the problem as well as its resolution.

However, you can carry out this diagnosis directly from the My Livebox application that will show you the current problems in real time as well as their resolution. All you have to do is download the app, enter your identifiers (usually shown on your invoices or checkbox) and have access to all current information on the line.

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