The Xiaomi Electric Scooter 3 Lite experiences its first price drop during sales (-€100)

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These days, getting around town on an electric scooter is anything but a fad. In any case, this means of urban transport has important advantages. If you are looking for a model with good value for money, there is the Xiaomi Electric Scooter 3 Lite. The Fnac is promoting it for sales, going from 449.99 euros to 349.99 euros.

Xiaomi waited a year before officially launching a Lite version of its Scooter 3 electric scooter. It is therefore a lighter model, but in the end the manufacturer is committed to the same formula, with a balance between price and performance. Regarding sales, the Xiaomi Electric Scooter 3 Lite is experiencing its first drop of -17%, or 100 euros of total discount.

What to expect from the Xiaomi Electric Scooter 3 Lite?

  • 25km/h top speed
  • 20 kilometer range
  • Foldable and lightweight at 13 kg

Instead of the usual 449.99 euros, the Xiaomi Electric Scooter 3 Lite is now available for sale for 349.99 euros at Fnac and Darty.

A scooter with good compromises

Xiaomi has made a facelift to its Electric Scooter 3 Lite. Where its largest exhibits a 600W power rating from its motor, the light version peaks at 300W, or half that. This power still allows you to cross a 14% grade. The same goes for the battery, if the Mi Scooter 3 has a 7,650 mAh battery, the Lite model has 5,200 mAh. That said, this gives it a range of 20 km according to the manufacturer.

In terms of weight, this model loses 200g compared to its predecessor, making it 13kg. This electric scooter is not afraid of water jets or dust with its IP 54 certification. As for the wheels, the front and rear ones have a diameter of 8.5 cm. We have a drum brake for the rear wheel vs. a disc brake for the front wheel.

Solid, flexible and practical.

The Xiaomi Electric Scooter 3 Lite measures 1105 x 430 x 1137mm when unfolded. When folded, it measures around 1104 x 429 x 484mm. You can take it to the subway or to the office without being too bulky. Also, this model is quite light compared to other competing models. This scooter can support up to 100 kg.

Xiaomi has opted for a central position of the engine. This better distributes the weight and therefore improves handling. It takes me 4.3 hours to fully charge the battery of this electric scooter. Finally, we have a T-shaped handlebar on which there is an LED screen where various information is available: autonomy, speed, mileage, etc. You can view this information on your smartphone through the Mi Home app.

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