The Xiaomi 13 Pro comes out worse in photos than the Galaxy S23 Ultra and the Pixel 7 according to DXOMARK

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The Xiaomi 13 Pro is behind the Galaxy S23 Ultra in the DXOMARK photo ranking, at 16th place. It is also surpassed by the Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra. Photo specialists accuse it of problems with autofocus, but still welcome a “particularly convincing” photographic performance.

Year after year, Xiaomi tries to strengthen its game in the high-end smartphone segment. His very recent Xiaomi 13 Pro has made real progress in photography, as we reported in his test.

As proof, its score in DXOMARK, a company specialized in scientific product testing, equals that of last year’s Xiaomi 12S Ultra, so it belongs to a higher range on paper. Both phones have a score of 136.

Comparisons with other models

Things fall a bit off compared to the competition. Because the phone caps at 16th place in the ranking. In front of him we find specifically the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra, sold 100 euros more expensive, with 140 points and in the same range the Google Pixel 7, or the iPhone 14 Pro with 146 points.

Worse still, there are models with a few years already on the clock like the Huawei P40 Pro+, the Vivo X80 Pro, the iPhone 13 Pro. In this list, we even find its own Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra, still released in 2021.

What does the DXOMARK score say?

Remember of course that the Xiaomi 13 Pro is not bad at all in photos. A 16th place in the ranking of the best photophones is still quite honorable. But in an industry that releases a terminal a year per range and that wants to show that each new model is better than the previous ones, the verdict can hurt.


In detail, the phone does not collect any top marks in any category: photo, bokeh, preview, zoom or video, there is always better elsewhere. However, DXOMARK salutes photographic representations. “particularly convincing in terms of exposure, color accuracy, and detail capture, both in stills and video modes”. They add: “In addition, the 13 Pro’s telephoto lens is capable of producing high-quality images in the near to medium range and offers a wide dynamic range even in low light. »

One of the points that sins evokes is the autofocus, “Main reliable point of the phone, due to the absence of the “zero lag” function”. Hear from this that there is sometimes a significant delay between the time the shutter button is pressed and the time the photo is captured. Exposure also stands out for judder and tonal compression in high-contrast scenes.

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