The Xbox Series S takes advantage of an offer with a game offered at Fnac

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Microsoft has two next-gen consoles, of which the Xbox Series S is the more modest in terms of performance and price. Despite this accessibility, the console sometimes benefits from bonuses. This is currently the case at Fnac where the Hogwart Legacy video game is offered if you buy the Xbox Series S from Microsoft, or 299.99 euros.

With Microsoft Xbox Series S, the American giant prides itself on having the most compact and accessible next-generation console. One of its great assets is its uncompromising access to the Xbox ecosystem. Currently, when you buy Series S on the Fnac site, you get the new Hogwarts Legacy game for free: Hogwarts Legacy, whose base price is 74.99 euros.

Remember, however, that this game is surrounded by many controversies, whether it be around the author of the saga, JK Rowling, for having made comments of a transphobic nature, its development study, or certain representations considered anti-Semitic.

What to expect from Microsoft Xbox Series S?

  • Access to the Xbox Game Pass catalog and the Microsoft ecosystem
  • Compact, sober, silent and fluid interface
  • Supports 4K HDR and resolution up to 1080p@60fps

Instead of 374.99 euros therefore, the Microsoft Xbox Series S console + the Hogwarts Legacy game are now available at 299 euros.

If the offer mentioned in this article is no longer available after that, check below to find other promotions related to Microsoft Xbox Series S. The table updates automatically.

where to buy the

Microsoft Xbox Series S at the best price?

A light and dematerialized version

The Microsoft Xbox Series S is the next-gen console from the Redmond firm that does not have a Blu-Ray player. Therefore, backwards compatibility of old games (Xbox, Xbox 360 and Xbox One) is only possible in the dematerialized version. This implies above all that to play, you must go through the Microsoft Store, otherwise you are not an Xbox Game Pass subscriber. You have a total of 364 GB of storage. It is little, but you can expand it with the Seagate card.

To ensure a better gaming experience, the manufacturer delivers the same controller as Microsoft Xbox Series X with this console. This is distinguished by the presence of the button. Share very fashionable in games to easily share screenshots. It is also equipped with new triggers, which benefit from a better grip under the fingers thanks to a grip.

A real living room console.

The Xbox Series S starts in a compact format. This console will easily find a place in your furniture with its dimensions of 27.5 cm x 15.1 cm x 6.5 cm. You can also handle it since it weighs only 1.93 kg. You can choose to connect it to your TV, your PC or your gaming monitor. This model will provide a refresh rate of up to 120Hz for compatible displays.

This console doesn’t have the same processor and GPU as the Microsoft Xbox Series X, but we still find AMD’s RDNA 2 Zen 2 architecture, just a little less powerful. We also have the right to ray tracing. This configuration is accompanied by 10 GB of RAM and 512 GB of NVME SSD storage, all of which offer a power of 4 TFlops and a maximum definition of 1440p. If it is the least powerful of the next-gen consoles, instead it is the quietest and most economical.

To find out even more, feel free to read our complete test on Microsoft Xbox Series S.

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