The WhatsApp trick to avoid having too many groups will soon come to iOS

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A new update to the closed beta version of WhatsApp on iPhone and iPad introduces a new feature: setting an expiration date for your temporary WhatsApp groups for your birthday parties and weddings.

A beta version of WhatsApp offers the ability to receive reminders to delete groups that have become unusable after a specific date. // Source: Eyestetix Studio via Unsplash

No more useless group graveyards at the bottom of your WhatsApp chat list. According to the specialized site WABetaInfoThe Meta group’s secure messaging service is currently testing an option to set an expiration date for a group that it knows is temporary.

Like the upcoming sent messages editing feature, this new option is available in the latest version ( of the closed beta version of WhatsApp on iOS, distributed through Apple’s TestFlight channel.

Set a reminder to clean

called ” expiring groups», this new parameter is visible in the information of a selected group. In the menu list, an icon identical to the one for ephemeral messages offers to select an expiration date for the group from a list of offered options: ” in a day », «in a week“or yet”custom date“. The last option on the list proposes to cancel this deadline.

Source: WhatsApp via WABetaInfo

Once the date is reached, WhatsApp will ask if you still want to keep this group in your chat list. Therefore, the deletion will not happen automatically, and this request will only be shown to the user who set it, specifyWABetaInfo. The other members of the group in question will not receive anything.

Put an end to abandoned birthday party groups

This option is supposed to solve a common problem for many WhatsApp users: the proliferation of groups intended to organize temporarily for a specific event, be it a birthday or a wedding… before becoming useless once the event is over.

So the new feature will remind you to clean up your chat list.WABetaInfoIt also underlines the interest of this option to save storage space”manage groups over time“. At the moment, these groups of expiration dates are still in development. But if the option is successful, they could soon be added to the open beta of WhatsApp on iOS.

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