The Tesla Model Y has been more comfortable and sporty for two months but nobody knew

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Tesla Model Ys produced at the Shanghai factory since January 1 are equipped with a new reworked suspension, offering more comfort and handling. And yet, only today the brand communicates on this subject, while these a priori improvements only concern Chinese copies.

If Tesla is used to remote OTA updates to improve its cars and fix certain problems, not everything can be fixed by computer. This is particularly the case with the arrival of Hardware 4, a new computer that allows you to offer more reliable autonomous driving which will debut on Cybertruck and may not fit older Teslas.

A new damping

This is also the case with the damping, which has recently undergone some changes. Remember, last October, Elon Musk announced that his Model 3 and Model Y were getting more comfortable. An improvement that is due to the arrival of new, more flexible suspensions, as confirmed by Elon Musk on Twitter. He announced that ” suspension from the standard (non-Performance) 3 and Y in production now offers improved comfort, without affecting handling« .

The leader did not give details, who yesterday presented his Investor Day and gave some information about the future of the brand. At that time, the site Not a Tesla app explained that this improvement was made at the factory, and that only vehicles departing from Fremont and Shanghai sites would be affected. But until then, nothing had been precisely said about the anticipated developments.

Standard (non-performance) 3 and Y suspension in production now has improved comfort, without affecting handling

— Elon Musk (@elonmusk) October 17, 2022

But it’s done. In fact, the Chinese site It Home transmits information from Tesla China, stating on the Chinese social network Weibo that all Model Ys produced since January 1 at the Shanghai factory are now equipped with these new suspensions, without anyone knowing. until now. On Weibo, Tesla’s Chinese division details the improvements made to the SUV, which will soon be offered a mid-race restyling.

The only therefore you now benefit from less stiff damping, which helps reduce bouncing over potholes and uneven roads and makes for a more comfortable ride overall. But this is not new, as Elon Musk had already announced it at the end of last year. The boss also mentioned this development for the Model 3, but nothing has been said yet about the sedan, which will also benefit from a minor facelift.

More stable and dynamic.

It is also announced that the vibration frequency has been reworked, to prevent passengers, especially children and the elderly, from feeling uncomfortable. It should be understood here that motion sickness should be reduced, especially for those that occur in the back. According to the website CNEVPostthe human body tends to react negatively to a frequency between 4 and 5 Hertz, which Tesla will therefore correct.

Finally, the Model Y also adopts a more dynamic behavior, while it now comes standard with a highly flexible double wishbone front suspension, as well as a five-link independent rear suspension. Therefore, everything should bring more stability according to the manufacturer.

Tesla Model Y Performance // Source: Tesla

Very discreet improvements, which could have been released much earlier, without the brand having officially announced it. Already last October, an Internet user had already noticed that his Model Y behaved more like a classic car that like an SUV. It now remains to be seen if only models produced in the Chinese factory in Shanghai are affected, or if those made elsewhere are also affected.

The Fremont Gigafactory was also mentioned, but nothing had been said about the Berlin one, which assembled 4,000 examples of the electric SUV in a week. It may be necessary to wait for the redesigned version to see this improvement reach all the copies produced around the world. This variant could cost even less than the current one, whose price already fell sharply in January.

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