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The leaker ShrimpApplePro has published a batch of new things about the future iPhone 15. According to him, the Pro and Ultra versions would benefit from thinner edges… because they are slightly curved. A subtle change that would, however, have its small effect.

iPhone 14 Pro Max // Source: Anthony Wonner – Frandroid

Traditionally expected in September of each year, the new generation of iPhone also suffers, like all other smartphones, its share of more or less important leaks. The last one, that of ShrimpApplePro in this case, has something to do with a certain amount of ink on the support.

In fact, the filter he would have been informed of a subtle change specific to the screens of the iPhone 15. According to him, the panel of the Pro and Ultra versions -that is at least what the top of the range should be called- would opt for thinner edges… thanks to the slightly curved edges, we can read on Twitter.

An Apple Watch effect

To better understand this important novelty, the interested party compares it with the screens of the latest Apple Watch Series. In the idea, the more expensive iPhone 15 would produce the same visual effect. And as specified above, this would have the effect of slightly reducing the black borders on the side of the screen.

Well, I have the iPhone 15 series screen layout result.
– all iPhone 15 series will have the same screen sizes as the iPhone 14 series
– pro 15 will have slimmer bezels with curved edges, although the screen is still flat, only the bezels are curved

— ShrimpApplePro 🍤 (@VNchocoTaco) January 21, 2023

In a second Twitter message, ShrimpApplePro specifies that the classic iPhone 15 (Vanilla and Plus) would also be entitled to this aesthetic feature, without specifying whether the edges would also be thinner. This assumption lacks explanation, or even logic.

Same screen size

In fact, the Californian group could reserve this physical specificity for its Pro range, in order to better distinguish it from its classic range. Apple tends more and more to differentiate them, in particular through a different processor. The Dynamic Island feature also sets them apart on the iPhone 14s.

This dynamic notch should no longer be a hallmark on the iPhone 15, however, as the entire offering should be entitled to it, ShrimpApplePro advances. From one generation to the next, the size of the screens should also remain the same. We will see in the near future if other leaks corroborate these elements.

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