The screen of the Galaxy S23 Ultra, a streamlined car and a fat check from Apple

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The technological news of the week was marked by rumors and comparisons. The Samsung S23 Ultra’s display ranks third behind its main competitor on DXOMARK, an unknown brand advertises the most aerodynamic electric car, and Apple pays a fortune to stay ahead of its competitors.

The display of the Samsung S23 Ultra takes third place on the podium of the DXOMARK site. // Source: Frandroid

The S23 Ultra is crowned as the best screen… behind two Samsung panels

Released at the beginning of February, the Samsung S23 Ultra display went through the mill of DXOMARK specialists. He placed third on the podium, behind two iPhones… whose screens were designed by Samsung.

This is the most aerodynamic electric car

Aion is still relatively unknown among the general public, but the GAC group brand already markets several electric SUVs. This week, he reveals a little more inside his first sedan, the world’s next most aerodynamic electric car.

Apple writes a big check to TSMC

The Cupertino company does not hesitate to play with its good economic health against its competitors. While the production of 3nm chips has just resumed at the Taiwanese manufacturer TSMC, Apple has managed to reserve 100% of manufacturing for its next processors. Enough to get ahead of his comrades… at the cost of a big paycheck.

The video: comparison of photos between the best smartphones of the moment

Finally, we publish our video of the photographic comparison between the four flagships of the moment: the Galaxy S23 Ultra, the iPhone 14 Pro, the Pixel 7 Pro and the OnePlus 11. The idea is to classify the photos of the four models of the best to worse, before integrating them into a final general classification.

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