The Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 5 would rest too much on its laurels

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After a very successful last model in August 2022, the next Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 5 is expected by the end of 2023. If the rumors about the news that this version could bring have multiplied for a year, a reliable leaker has not made more than tempering expectations. from the fans of the South Korean manufacturer – the external display and the main photo module should not change in the end.

The external screen of the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 could retain its close relationship. // Source: Anthony Wonner – Frandroid

If confirmed, these rumors may disappoint Samsung fans. At the beginning of March, the Ice Universe leaker reported two new pieces of information about the next foldable smartphone model in the format. Fold from the South Korean manufacturer, the Galaxy Z Fold 5, reports the news site 9to5Google.

Expected for the end of 2023, the product is the subject of many rumors about its upcoming news. The last two rumors, however, go in the opposite direction: according to the leaker, neither the external screen nor the main photo module would change in this new version.

An external screen still so narrow

In general quite reliable, the leaker advances the first information in a message on his Twitter account, Wednesday March 8: Ice Universe ” confirmedthat the smartphone will maintain a 6.2-inch external screen, the same size as the last three generations of the Galaxy Z Fold. If this size is not a problem in itself, it suggests that the aspect ratio of 23:9 would not change either.

Unfortunately, I can confirm that the external display of the Galaxy Z Fold5 is still 6.2″😕

— Ice Universe (@UniverseIce) March 8, 2023

how do you remember 9to5Google « Samsung has long been criticized for the exterior screen on its Fold range, as its very tall and narrow design can make it awkward to type on the keyboard and use certain apps. The media also highlights that other folding phones in this same format offer screen ratios much closer to traditional smartphones. We can mention in particular the latest Honor Magic Vs, whose launch in Europe was announced at MWC 2023, equipped with a 6.45-inch external display with a 21:9 ratio.

The same main photo module

The second bad news is shared by the same broadcast channel. In a tweet on Friday, March 10, Ice Universe continues to deliver disappointing information to Samsung fans: the smartphone must keep “the same camera module as Fold 4“. Again, the leaker only mentions the wide-angle module as such, but we can deduce that its definition of 50 megapixels will also remain unchanged.

Galaxy Z Fold5 will continue to use the same camera module as Fold4. It is impossible to use HP2.

— Ice Universe (@UniverseIce) March 10, 2023

Problem: This contradicts a rumor spread in late January 2023 by the Vietnamese mediathe pixelon an upcoming 108-megapixel wide-angle sensor. A definition available on Samsung smartphones since the Galaxy S20 Ultra… launched in 2020. Although the sensor of the Galaxy Z Fold 4 had satisfied us to a great extent during our test, the absence of such a definition for a premium smartphone could be noticed compared to your competitors.

The bad news is piling up

Bad news that adds to another negative rumor: at the end of February, the mediaET Newsestimated that the Galaxy Z Fold 5 would not be equipped with a pen slot, unlike Samsung’s Ultra line of smartphones.

There’s only one big fan-awaited improvement left: the next foldable Samsung is rumored to be equipped with a next-gen hinge. Hoping that this innovation is not reversed.

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