The Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 Pro would mark the return of the rotating crown

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According to “Sam Mobile”, the Galaxy Watch 6 Pro would revive the rotating crown. Samsung would also consider offering two sizes of the Galaxy Watch Pro.

Google Maps on the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 Classic
Google Maps on the Galaxy Watch 4 Classic // Source: Samsung

If Samsung tends to evolve its smartphones in small steps from one generation to the next, when it comes to its connected watches, the Korean firm is clearly not closed to major design changes. We saw it, for example, with the transition from the Galaxy Watch 4 to the Galaxy Watch 5, with the introduction of a single Pro model and the disappearance of the rotating crown.

Usually, when a manufacturer manages to remove a design element, we’re used to not seeing it any time soon. Fans of the rotating crown of the Galaxy Watch had certainly mourned. But according to mobile samciting a Korean leaker, Super Roader, with a good track record of previous leaks, the Suwon giant would reconsider its decision as soon as the Galaxy Watch 6.

The Pro model would become more Classic

A range name change is never trivial. When the first rumors mentioned that the second Galaxy Watch would no longer be called Classic but Pro, many understood that this new model would take the crown from it. And yet the upcoming Galaxy Watch 6 Pro would more or less become a nameless classic, as it is he who would again inherit the design element.

The Galaxy Watch 6, meanwhile, would keep the touch crown that visually lightens the look of the watch, but doesn’t offer the same level of control. For its part, the physical rotating crown is often considered more elegant, as it allows a connected watch to look like its analog counterparts. An element that goes very well with a more traditional bracelet and a dial with a needle, for example.

A new professional size

Another novelty to come: after a Galaxy Watch 5 Pro sold in a single 45mm size, Samsung would opt for two sizes of the Galaxy Watch 6 Pro, without further details. Enough to aspire to access the flagship of the range without having to wear a gigantic watch on the wrist.

Generally, the Galaxy Watch is announced during Galaxy Unpacked in August, along with the latest dossiers from the manufacturer. Therefore, the Galaxy Watch 6 Pro is expected to launch in August 2023, at the same time as the Galaxy Z Flip 5 and Z Fold 5.

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