The Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra is indeed a monster of autonomy, DXOMARK confirms it

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The DXOMARK company tests smartphones with very scientific protocols. According to them, the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra is the best smartphone in the premium segment when it comes to battery life. It’s way ahead of the iPhone 13 Pro Max and iPhone 14 Pro Max, often cited as champions in this area.

The display of the Samsung S23 Ultra takes third place on the podium of the DXOMARK site. // Source: Frandroid

If there is one point where the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra impressed us, it is in its autonomy. With light use, the phone lasted a solid 48 hours without a problem, a real improvement over phones from years past, and more generally compared to previous Samsung smartphones.

DXOMARK, a company specialized in scientific tests of phones, placed it very high in its ranking dedicated to autonomy. With 142 points, it is sixth out of all tested smartphones, which is already a good performance. In front of it, we essentially find smartphones below 600 euros, which could be classified as mid-range entry-level and therefore offer a slightly lower level of service in many other points (photos, screen, manufacturing quality, etc. .)

Once faced with premium smartphones (above 800 euros), the Galaxy S23 Ultra prevails and achieves first place. At 142, it’s 2 points ahead of the Asus Rog Phone 6, but also 6 points ahead of the iPhone 13 Pro Max and 9 points ahead of the iPhone 14 Pro Max or Vivo X80 Pro. iPhones are often cited as champions of the autonomy, ahead of them by a good margin, so we can say that this first place is obtained relatively comfortably.

Why such a good score?

Interestingly, the Galaxy S23 Ultra earns this spot without earning any top scores in any of the DXOMARK sub-scores. Above all, this demonstrates a good overall balance and an ability to be above the fray in terms of range in the premium segment. “Flagships frequently face battery performance issues due to their new power-hungry features. This is where the careful integration of hardware and software plays a big role in battery performance.”reads in the company report.

The Galaxy S23 Ultra shows, according to its tests, very good autonomy in moderate use, excellent autonomy to watch videos, low download in general. On the side of the points that remain to be improved, DXOMARK highlights a sinking once the 5% battery has passed and a worse autonomy when using the camera or listening to music.

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