The Samsung Galaxy S23/S23+ would have a major photographic problem and it would be irreversible

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Many Galaxy S23 and S23 Plus owners complain about ring-shaped blur appearing in their photos taken with the main 50-megapixel sensor. The thesis of a material anomaly is gradually gaining ground.

The Samsung Galaxy S23 Plus // Source: Frandroid – Chloé Pertuis / Anthony Wonner

Are the Galaxy S23 and S23 Plus subject to a hardware issue that only physical intervention could fix? In any case, this is the hypothesis. android authority and various specialized media, after internal tests and numerous user reports: a banana or ring-shaped blur seems to invite itself too often in the images of the main sensor.

On Reddit, Samsung’s European community and the Android-Hilfe forum, the issue is taking on a very particular importance and is a cause for concern for the owners of the phones in question. Because here, it couldn’t be more or less than a defective lens. In this case, no software update could fix this anomaly.

a dazzling blur

However, it is advisable to take a minimum of tweezers in this situation, since Samsung has not yet officially communicated about it. We also contacted the brand’s French branch for more information. But some may have a lot of doubts when taking a look at the many examples posted on the community sites.

Indeed, in the photos a very marked blur appears where many texts and numbers appear. Also, shots with a lot of small textures, like grass or snow, tend to suffer from this same problem. It is in this type of image where the phenomenon seems to stand out the most.

If it is a poor lens, then this blurred area should logically appear in all photos taken with the main 50-megapixel sensor. Its intensity could then vary according to the situation and the captured scene. At the moment, it’s true that we only have a small sample of images, but that raises real questions about the reliability of the lens.

Many models made in Vietnam

When browsing Reddit comments, many affected people explain that they received a Galaxy S23 or S23+ made in Vietnam. But some more isolated cases report the same phenomenon in their model designed in South Korea.

At the moment, the situation is somewhat confusing due to the lack of reaction on the part of Samsung, which will have to express itself at any cost to formalize the anomaly, be it hardware or software. In the first case, the Korean group will have to deal with a big problem.

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