The Samsung 870 QVO 1TB SSD is at a better price than during the sales

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If you want to give your PC more power, while increasing its storage capacity, you will have to opt for an efficient SSD. The 1TB Samsung 870 QVO model is a good solution, especially thanks to its price, which ranges from 109.89 euros to 64.99 euros on Amazon.

Without a doubt, these winter sales have made it possible to do very good business. But it happens that some interesting offers are published after this period of great discounts. For example, the Samsung 870 QVO internal SSD, a robust model with high transfer speeds, is currently showing a better price than during sales.

The essential points of the Samsung 870 QVO SSD

  • Transfer speed up to 560MB/s
  • A capacity of 1000 GB
  • easy to install

First shown at €109.98, the Samsung 870 QVO internal SSD is now offered at €64.99 on Amazon.

A longer lasting SSD

The first advantage of the Samsung 870 QVO internal SSD is obviously its easy installation: equipped with the standard 2.5-inch SATA format, it can be installed in a PC tower or in a laptop. Only one small drawback: ultrabooks, too thin, will not be able to accommodate it, due to lack of sufficient space. Apart from that, you will be able to enjoy a very good performance, far superior to that offered by the previous version, the 860 QVO. In fact, the 870 QVO provides a maximum transfer speed of up to 560 MB/s reading and 530 MB/s writing, which is 10 MB/s more than the 860.

The 870 QVO also benefits from a real power boost thanks to TurboWrite technology, which accelerates write speeds and maintains high performance over time, with a larger, more adaptable buffer. Add to that 4th generation V-NAND memory that will give you a real boost of endurance during your file transfers and allow you to gain speed while reducing power consumption. And of course, like most (good) SSDs, this model will be able to reduce the load times of your machine, while speeding up its launches.

A large storage so you don’t lose anything

Finally, this Samsung 870 QVO SSD has a storage capacity of 1TB, enough to allow you to install and save many large files, applications and other software. Everything will be well preserved, as SSDs are known and reputed to resist shock and vibration well, thanks to the absence of mechanical parts, unlike standard HDDs. In case of failure, you can still count on a 3-year warranty, offered by the brand.

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