The return of Touch ID to the iPhone could hurt Android

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After ditching fingerprint unlocking since the iPhone X in 2017, two new rumors suggest that Apple should bring Touch ID back to its smartphones. You’d expect a more efficient under-display sensor than the competition, but not for several years.

Fingerprint unlocking has disappeared from high-end iPhones since 2017, but it could return under the screen of Apple smartphones. // Source: Apple

We will have to be patient to review Touch ID on iPhone. Although Apple abandoned the use of fingerprint sensors to unlock its high-end smartphones since the iPhone X in 2017, in favor of Face ID facial recognition, two recent rumors seem to confirm that the American multinational wants to bring this technology back for future Models.

According to an article from 9to5Mac Starting Thursday, March 9, this new sensor would be placed under the iPhone’s screen for the first time. A technology boosted on steroids to be always more effective, but that should not arrive for several years.

Read your fingerprint even with gloves

The first rumor comes from a South Korean blog post. naver, published on March 8. According to user eyes1122, the development of under-display Touch ID technology is well advanced, but adding this sensor to an upcoming iPhone model will have to wait two to three years after facial recognition is integrated under the tile. smartphone. At the moment, the latest iPhone 14 Pro allows you to use Face ID thanks to a pill-shaped hole in the screen.

Illustration from a 2019 patent never practiced. // Source: Patently Apple

Above all, the article naver details the technology that would be behind this new generation Touch ID. Beyond a simple return under the screen, Apple would have developed a much more precise system than its competitors, based on 12 different patents, using ” shortwave infrared and an optical system. In addition to basic fingerprint recognition, a system like this could also be used to [mesurer] oxygen saturation and pulse” explain naver . Sensors that would allow to determineif the user wears gloves“or if your fingers”are they wet or dry“According to the article.

A technology that remains uncertain

However, Apple seems to have some trouble developing this improved Touch ID. This is the subject of the second rumor transmitted by9to5Mac: according to a tweet from analyst Ross Youngspecialist in screen production lines, the return of Touch ID would be delayed one year compared to what was planned by the manufacturer, that is, in 2025. In question:sensor problems» selon ross young.

These two rumors, therefore, do not give us more precise information about the next version of Touch ID on the iPhone. Since 2019, the announcements of a hypothetical return of this technology have multiplied without materializing.

I previously predicted that iPhones would support under-display fingerprint detection/Touch ID in 2023 at the earliest. But the latest survey indicates that new iPhones in 2023 and 2024 may not adopt under-display Touch ID. Face ID with mask on iPhone is already a great biometric solution.

—Ming-Chi Kuo (@mingchikuo) March 30, 2022

Although this project had been put back on the table internally in 2021 with the health crisis (masks that prevent Face ID from working correctly in all circumstances), Apple seemed to have rejected this option in 2022 to focus on the development of recognition facial behind the screen. screen, according to the famous leaker Ming Chi Kuo. The return of Face ID is therefore more than hypothetical.

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