The PS5 wants to make your PC jealous with this update

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The PS5 is preparing a great update, accessible for the moment to its registered users in the beta program. VRR for 1440p, arrival of Discord, we feel that Sony wants to interest players accustomed to the PC ecosystem.

The PlayStation 5 Digital Edition // Source: Frandroid

The PS5’s voice chat deserves to be there, but it lacks the functionality to be truly comprehensive, especially when compared to PC genre standards like Discord. Fortunately, Sony has just announced through a blog note that Discord was finally coming to your console.

The first users to be able to take advantage of it are those registered in the beta program, but it seems clear that the novelty will arrive shortly in the coming weeks.

The arrival of Discord is undoubtedly the most important element of this update. It will allow PC and PS5 players to share the same voice room. This is what it looks like:

Is Sony targeting PC gamers?

Other important additions are coming with this update, such as the ability to download your captures directly to the PlayStation app or the migration of save data using PlayStation Network from a PS4 to the PS5. It was a real lack at the launch of the console and finally Sony fixed the problem.

More generally, in this update, we can certainly see Sony’s desire to appeal to PC gamers. Discord support is a strong marker, but so is the arrival of VRR in 1440p, a typical definition of console-compatible PC displays from July 2022.

With the maddening rise in the price of laptops or the rebound in the price of graphics cards, Sony certainly has a card to play with a console capable of displaying 1440p at only 550 euros, while reinforcing the ability of its console to blend into a typical PC gamer setup and ecosystem. With the consoles finally available in stores, the offensive can begin.

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