The price of this new adjustable plan up to 110 GB starts at €9.99/month

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Adjustable mobile plans are all the rage and all carriers want to offer their deals. This is the case of Auchan Telecom with this package from 70 to 110 GB from 9.99 euros per month.

With the arrival of new players on the mobile plan side like Prixtel or Youprice, adjustable plans are becoming all the rage. These packages allow you to pay your monthly fee according to your GB consumption, a flexible and economical way to use your package without wasting your money. Thus, Auchan Telecom has taken a tangent by also offering its own adjustable package that goes from 70 to 110 GB, all from less than 10 euros per month.

What does this package offer at Auchan Telecom?

  • A non-binding offer with a low price without duration conditions
  • 4G data adjustable from 70 to 110 GB with 18 GB in Europe and DOM
  • Unlimited calls, SMS and MMS

At the moment, Auchan Telecom’s adjustable plan without commitment from 70 to 110 GB is at 9.99 euros per month. This price rises to 15.99 euros per month if you consume the entire envelope.

A robust and adjustable package

In addition to being a package that can change according to your consumption, it is also the second most supplied package in Auchan Telecom’s Go. This provides an endowment that goes from 70 to 110 GB of 4G data at unbeatable prices and above all without any commitment. This data can be used in mainland France and will allow you to comfortably surf the net or enjoy streaming video content without any real limitations.

Tethering is also a good use for this package. You can share it with your loved ones through the function of your smartphone or simply through a 4G box if your home is not well covered by Fiber or ADSL. Good news also for the more travelers among you, because this package gives you an envelope of 18 GB of 4G from Europe and the overseas departments.

One of the best mobile networks in France.

Auchan Telecom is an MVNO (or virtual mobile operator) that benefits from the Bouygues network throughout mainland France. The latter covers more than 99% of the territory in 4G. It is also, according to Arcep, the best network for the quality of communications. This is quite good since this package offers unlimited calls, SMS and MMS from France, but also to Europe and the overseas departments. This includes 30 destinations in Europe (27 EU countries + Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway) and 8 destinations abroad.

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How do I keep my number?

Of course, you can keep your current mobile number by changing the plan. First of all, it is necessary to add 10 euros to the total of your order to obtain the new triple cut SIM. The change of operator is then carried out without interruption if you keep your number. it’s free and just provide the RIO code of your line when registering. If you don’t know how to proceed, see our tutorial to request your RIO.

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