the price of this 4 in 1 vacuum broom is more reasonable today

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Currently there are different solutions to vacuum, wash, clean and dry its interior. If you are fond of all-in-one, portable and ergonomic models, Dreame has its H11 Max, an improved version of the legendary Dreame H11. Its price is softened on Amazon thanks to a coupon, thus going from 359 euros to 299 euros.

Over the years, vacuum cleaners have seen vast improvements. There are 2-in-1, 3-in-1 or even 4-in-1 models. Dreame has good models in this last segment, specifically with its H11 Max, a broom vacuum cleaner capable of vacuuming, washing, cleaning and drying. If you are interested, today you can save 60 euros thanks to a coupon.

What to expect from the Dreame H11 Max?

  • Cleaning of any type of surface
  • Portable, ergonomic and complete
  • Voice prompts and LED display

Instead of the usual 359 euros, the Dreame H11 Max is now available on sale at 299 euros on Amazon.

Do not forget to use the coupon to benefit from the promotion.

A vacuum goes everywhere

The Dreame H11 Max can be taken anywhere, weighing 9.36 kg and measuring 71.09 x 32.29 x 29.3 cm, it has enough features to handle any surface, from hardwood floors, laminates, tiles, vinyl, etc. This vacuum broom is capable of sucking up crumbs, hair or pet hair, getting rid of dry and wet stains, removing all kinds of debris and dirt.

This model has a self-cleaning function. With a simple click, the device’s rotating brush cleans itself. The same happens with its tube and its roller, which are self-cleaning with clean water and detergent, so that they are ready for use at the end of the operation. It’s convenient and saves you time.

Quadruple simultaneous action and good autonomy

The Dreame H11 Max incorporates an ingenious system that allows you to perform four actions simultaneously, namely vacuuming, cleaning, washing and drying. After each step, your floor is free of dirt, dry and does not leave the slightest trace. In addition to the floor, the vacuum cleaner can also be applied to furniture made of marble, solid wood, granite, etc. Of course, being portable and lightweight, you can clean walls and vertically. Above all, it is capable of regulating the suction level depending on the dirt to be removed.

This model is equipped with six batteries of 4000 mAh each. This ensures an autonomy of 35 minutes. Once dry, it takes 5 hours to recover 100% of the 21.6 V battery. Finally, its LED screen shows you various useful information: battery level, suction level, self-cleaning, etc. foundation brush and roller.

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