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Efficient and practical, the 2022 version Niu NQi GTS electric scooter was already quite an affordable model compared to the competition. It is even cheaper currently on the Go2Roues site: 4,499 euros instead of 4,899 euros.

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The Chinese brand Niu is one of the best known in the electric mobility market. Some of their electric scooters are among the very good references in the sector, such as the 50cc NQi Sport equivalent. The manufacturer has also invested in the field of 125cc equivalents, notably with its 2022 version NQi GTS, a commuter scooter that offers many features and improved performance. At the moment, its value for money becomes even more interesting thanks to a promotion of 400 euros.

The essential points of the Niu NQi GTS

  • A maneuverable scooter;
  • Practical technologies on board;
  • Good performance.

Initially shown at €4,899, the Niu NQi GTS is now being offered at €4,499 on Go2Roues. Do not forget, you can lower the price of this scooter even more with the ecopremium, which amounts to just over 500 euros for this model. Some regions or departments also give a little boost with cumulative aid: do not hesitate to inform yourself.

If the offer mentioned in this article is no longer available, check below to find other promotions related to the Niu NQi GTS. The table is automatically updated.

where to buy the

Niu NQi GTS (2022) at the best price?

A scooter in a compact format

For its NQi GTS electric scooter, Niu has opted for a compact size of 1,890 x 740 x 1,220 mm, which simplifies its maneuverability. On the other hand, its weight of 113 kg can slow down certain users, but fortunately it does not negatively affect handling. The floor will still be quite high, making the scooter unsuitable for tall people.

The other small drawback to the scooter’s design is the dedicated under-seat storage space, which is a bit limited. For the rest, the ergonomics of the handlebars have been well thought out by the brand, with the control of the headlights, indicators, horn and speed limiter on the left, as well as the mode selector, warnings and starting on the right.

Pleasant driving in the city

There are three driving modes available on the Niu NQi GTS electric scooter: E-Save mode, especially useful in the city; dynamic mode, which limits the speed to 65 km/h; as well as the Sport mode, thanks to which it is possible to reach 83 km/h, which is more than enough to drive on the Parisian ring road, for example.

Thus, the 4600 W Bosch motor offers ample performance for suburban and urban trips. Its compact size will facilitate its maneuverability, even in the middle of the row. However, small mirrors provide limited visibility. Special mention also goes to the good suspensions and the padded saddle, which we especially appreciate on cobblestones and other potholes.

Very practical integrated technologies

While driving, you are entitled to a large on-board screen, where you can control your speed, the power of the scooter or the remaining range, and whose display is complete and customizable. You can even display GPS navigation using the Niu app. You can also have access to the on-board connectivity, which allows you to locate the scooter, check the remaining battery level and the statistics of the last trips. You can even send a notification when the scooter alarm goes off.

Finally, the autonomy of the reference presented here amounts to 100 km. During our test, however, we measured a lower range: 70 km in mixed mode. On the charging side, the batteries must be taken out individually and connected to a coupler to recharge them simultaneously. A full charge of both batteries will take approximately 5-6 hours. Another simpler alternative is possible: connect the scooter to a 220 V outlet, which avoids having to remove the batteries.

To find out even more, do not hesitate to read our complete review of the Niu NQi GTS (2022) electric scooter.

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