The price of the MacBook Air 2022 M2 is getting lower and lower thanks to the winter sales

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This isn’t the first downgrade we’ve seen for the 2022 MacBook Air equipped with the Apple M2 chip. But, thanks to a 10% discount on Amazon, it is offered for 1,349 euros instead of the 1,499 euros it had when it was released.

Two years after the release of the 2020 MacBook Air, Apple renews its bestseller by bringing not only a more powerful chip, but also a completely new design. The MacBook Air 2022 it is not unanimous due to its too high price when it was launched, and the MacBook Air 2020, which is still offered in the Apple catalog, is still a very good laptop. Today, it is above all thanks to a discount of 150 euros that the 2022 model becomes more recommendable.

What is the 2022 MacBook Air?

  • A redesigned design and a well-calibrated screen
  • The power of the M2 chip
  • A very durable and silent machine.

With a strikeout price of 1,499 euros, the MacBook Air 2022 M2 is currently more accessible: it is listed at 1,349 euros on Amazon.

If the offer mentioned in this article is no longer available, check below to find other promotions for the Apple MacBook Air 2022 M2. The table is automatically updated.

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Apple MacBook Air 2022 M2 at the best price?

The 2022 MacBook Air gets a makeover

After no real cosmetic changes since 2008, Apple is completely revamping the look of its 2022 MacBook Air. It inherits the design of the past 14-inch and 16-inch MacBook Pros and adopts a more modern shape. We find reduced borders around the screen, a notch, a new speaker system hidden in the hinge… Also note the disappearance of the mention “MacBook Air”, which was found in previous versions, below the ‘screen’.

The 2022 model offers exemplary finishes, which mark the success of the brand’s portable devices. The whole thing is rounded off by the very good keyboard with backlit keys as well as the large and comfortable trackpad. In terms of screen, Apple offers a slab that is not Oled or mini-Led, but a 13.6-inch “Liquid Retina” screen (ie IPS LCD) for a definition of 2,560 x 1,664 pixels. It will be very easy on the eye, both in low light and with somewhat intense ambient lighting. However, be careful of glare from the sun, as the screen is quite bright.

A machine that has it in the belly

In the bowels of the laptop we find the recent M2 chip from Apple. It is a silent machine, ideal for consulting content and powerful enough to work without difficulty. However, during our test, we could notice a drop in performance when it’s hot, but it remains perfectly smooth, even in this context.

To keep up, Apple does not skimp on the autonomy part. The MacBook Air M2 will accompany you for hours without ever losing fluidity. Autonomy much higher than most laptops. It recharges through the famous MagSafe port, which is making a remarkable comeback. The latter has the particularity of being magnetic and easily removable.

To learn more, we invite you to read our full review of the MacBook Air 2022 M2.

7 /10

Apple MacBook Air 2022 M2

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