the presentation of the helmet should be late… but not its commercialization

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Although the presentation of Apple’s mixed reality headsets was expected in the spring, it seems that the firm does not intend to finally present it until the fall.

Illustration of Tim Cook with the Apple Glass
Illustration of Tim Cook using Apple Glass // Source: Generated by AI with Stable Diffusion

Alors qu’on s’attendait jusqu’à présent à une présentation printanière du premier casque de réalité mixed d’Apple, connu sous le nom d’Apple Glass, il semble que le constructeur ne soit pas encore prêt à dévoiler son tout premier modèle Of genre.

In a tweet posted on Friday, February 24, analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, who is generally very knowledgeable about Apple’s projects, explains that Apple has fallen behind in the development of its mixed reality headsets and will not be ready in time. to date. originally set.

The prediction for the shipping schedule hasn’t changed, but the probability of Apple’s first-generation AR/MR headsets launching in the spring event is decreasing. Meanwhile, the likelihood of the headphones launching alongside the iPhone 15 in 3Q23 is increasing.

—Ming-Chi Kuo (@mingchikuo) February 24, 2023

Thus, according to the analyst at TF International Securities, “the probability of Apple’s first AR/MR headset being announced at the spring event is pretty low“. However, according to Ming-Chi Kuo, this delay in the announcement should not change the date of marketing the helmet to the general public. It must be said that, according to him, Apple initially intended to offer its helmet only to developers before marketing it to the general public later in the year, in the fall.

Therefore, it would now be more likely that Apple will present its headphones in good and due form on a single occasion, potentially during the third quarter, in the month of September or October, at the same time as its new iPhone 15 and 15 Pro. a release before the end of the year holidays.

In a blog post published on Medium, Ming Chi Kuo goes a bit further in explaining the Apple Glass delay. According to him, it would be due in part to software problems that still would not be resolved a few months before the initially planned launch.

A new generation of Apple Glass is expected by 2025

In his Medium post, Ming-Chi Kuo goes a little further and already has a second generation of mixed reality viewers that would be expected by 2025. For this second generation, Apple would plan two viewers, with a top model range assembled by Luxcaseict -as the expected model this year- and a second helmet manufactured by Foxconn.

For Apple, the risk of postponing the announcement of its mixed reality headsets presents the risk of leaks multiplying in the coming months. In fact, the manufacturer’s plan so far was to introduce Apple Glass well in advance of its release to pull the rug out from under all the leaks. From now on, if the helmet is announced right before it goes on the market and after it goes into production, there is a much higher chance that it will be the subject of numerous leaks even before it is officially presented in good and due form.

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