the Play Store will tell you if an app has too many bugs

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Google begins to implement a change in its Play Store: on the page of an application that you want to download, the store will be able to tell you if there are crashes with it among other users with the same smartphone or tablet. What to know if your device is powerful enough or not to run the current game for example.

Google Play Store // Source: Frandroid

An example of a horrible feeling is when you spend a while downloading a video game on your mobile, you go past the loading screen and… it drags. In addition to being frustrating, it wastes our time. To fix this problem, the Play Store will tell you if this or that app tends to crash on your smartphone or trackpad. This despite the fact that the application store will be more discreet in Android 14.

A welcome update to the Play Store

This is Android expert Mishaal Rahman reporting the change to the Play Store, via android police. It indicates that some users have an alert message when they want to install certain applications, something they have never seen before. In another tweet, he specifies that other mentions of the change had already been shown, including a first one in October. We can think that the deployment is now more widely, after a test phase with a limited number of users.

Some users report that Google Play tells them that “recent data from similar devices indicates that this app may stop working on your device.”

I haven’t seen this before so I think it might be relatively new.

Screenshot Credits: Felixlix45 on Telegram

—Mishaal Rahman (@MishaalRahman) March 2, 2023

A statement shared by android policewho remembers that the goal was to collect data on how often apps crashed not only among users, but also when they had annoying multi-second crashes. Google had set 1% thresholds for these two aspects, all devices combined. But for similar devices, triggering this message is fixed in 8% of failures.

The message that appears in red indicates that ” recent data from similar devices shows that this app may stop working on your device “. This does not mean that the application cannot be used at all, but simply that there are chances of crashes or untimely slowdowns.

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