The Pixel Watch becomes your best excuse to explain why you’re late for work

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Several users have expressed concern on Reddit about the delay of the Pixel Watch alarm. A delay that can reach almost 10 minutes.

The screen of the Google Pixel Watch
The Google Pixel Watch // Source: Chloé Pertuis for Frandroid

The first few months of the Pixel Watch are decidedly rocky. While the watch launched last October, and while it received several updates that allowed it to take advantage of new features like fall detection, the firm’s first connected watch still suffers from several notable bugs.

After Google confirmed that the watch will not benefit from atrial fibrillation detection, although the Fitbit app suggested it, or that some users discovered traces of marks on the Oled screen of the watch, it is now a problem with the alarm that has been detected by some users

as the site says 9to5Google, several users have indicated, in the Reddit forum, that they are many minutes late when their alarm clock goes off. Which potentially put them late. As a reminder, the Pixel Watch benefits, like most connected bracelets and watches, from a silent alarm function that will cause the toucher to vibrate at the given time… more or less.

A delay that can reach up to almost 10 minutes

“The delay varies from one minute to almost 10 minutes, and many users report that their alarm goes off a few minutes earlier. It doesn’t seem to be a recurring or daily problem, it just happens randomly.”

accurate 9to5Google. The author of the article indicates for his part that he has encountered this problem twice since he has used the watch, when it was launched on the market. This delay could reach up to eight minutes on one occasion.

9to5Google it also discusses several possible explanations, such as the watch going into deep sleep during activation from sleep mode, or a long period of inactivity that could delay the alarm activation time. However, it doesn’t seem like the explanation comes from a faulty update pushed by Google. In fact, some users would have already encountered the problem several months ago. However, a simple update to the connected watch may fix the problem;

asked by 9to5GoogleGoogle has yet to provide an explanation for the origin of this alarm clock that rings late.

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