The Pixel Fold would be a heavyweight among heavyweights

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A new Pixel Fold rumor indicates that Google’s first foldable smartphone could pack one of the largest batteries ever seen in a model of this type. Which also makes it the heaviest foldable phone ever marketed when this segment of the market is no longer known for lightweight products.

The Google Pixel Fold
Le Google Pixel Fold // Source: Front Page Tech

said a source 9to5Google that the Pixel Fold would have a fairly considerable weight, which would allow it to carry a large battery, to obtain a good autonomy. Google’s first foldable is part of our expectations for the manufacturer for 2023, as it could compete with Samsung’s Galaxy Z Fold 4, particularly in terms of user experience thanks to a Pixel Experience optimized for the format ” book ».

A Pixel Fold bigger than the others and that would weigh its weight

The English medium writes that the Pixel Fold would be closer to the Oppo Find N2 than to the Z Fold format, that is, a more rectangular than square shape. 9to5Google specifies that ” both foldables will be roughly the same height at 140mm (5.5in), but the Pixel will be 7mm (0.25in) wider at just under 80mm (3.14in). “In fact, the Pixel Fold would also be heavier than its competitors, without knowing the difference in weight. According to the source, the latter would be closer to that of a small tablet.

Remember in this sense that most folding smartphones in Fold format already weigh a lot with weights above average.

Internal screen size comparison between Find N2 (green), Pixel Fold (red) and Galaxy Z Fold 4 (blue) // Source: 9to5Google

This substantial weight is in fact due to one of the largest battery capacities on the market. Without reaching the 5000 mAh mark, it could get close to it. For comparison, the battery of the Galaxy Z Fold 4 is 4400 mAh, while that of the Oppo Find N2 is 4520 mAh. Finally, the opponents in this field could be the Vivo X Fold 2, whose battery would have a capacity of 4800 mAh, but also the Honor Magic Vs with its 5000 mAh battery, as specified. AndroidPolice.

Source: Onleaks

Who says large battery does not necessarily mean great autonomy: it all depends on the energy consumption of the different components. The expected Google Tensor G2 chip in the Pixel Fold isn’t known for its power efficiency, where the Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 is more. This SoC is also expected in some future folding smartphones, such as the X Fold 2 or the Galaxy Z Fold 5. For now, it has been recognized for its consumption, especially in our first tests, such as the Galaxy S23.

What we learn from the design of the Google Pixel Fold

Therefore, the Pixel Fold would be wider than the Galaxy Z Fold, which could bring some pleasant surprises in terms of software experience. A greater width makes it easier to see interfaces similar to those found on touch tablets. Then it would be less complicated for developers of applications and websites to adapt their programs to the internal screen of the Pixel Fold. In addition, the multitasking mode would potentially be easier to use: the screen of each application would be larger and therefore more comfortable.

Source: Onleaks

Also, Google is working on a tablet, the Pixel Tablet, and here again the interface is the element that we most expect from this model. It is possible that the interfaces of the two devices are similar, at least in certain points. The Pixel Fold’s release date is not yet known, but we can expect it to appear in the third quarter of this year, either in late summer or at the same time as the Pixel 8 and 8 Pro.

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