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If its biggest rival has opted for NVMe SSDs to expand the storage of its next-gen console, Microsoft has chosen to establish a collaboration with Seagate through an expansion card dedicated to Xbox Series X and S. The 512 GB version It is discounted on Amazon: 129 euros instead of 159 euros.

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It’s no secret that as video games get more and more sophisticated, they take up more space. There are different solutions to overcome this problem. At Microsoft, it’s called the Seagate Expansion Card, a dedicated expansion card for Xbox Series X and S. And, today, you can get the 512GB version for 20% off.

What to expect from the Seagate expansion card?

  • NVMe PCIe 4.0 x2 technology
  • Installation within everyone’s reach
  • Xbox Series X|S exclusive accessory

Instead of the usual 159 euros, the 512 GB Seagate expansion card is now available for sale at 129 euros on Amazon.

Easily expand your storage

When it comes to next-gen game console storage expansion, there are two schools, and Microsoft preferred the easier-to-install solution. The American giant then entered into a collaboration with Seagate so that the Xbox Series X and S expansion cards would maintain the same performance as their original SSD. No fiddling around to install it, just insert the expansion card into its dedicated port (Storage Expansion) and you’re good to go.

You will have no problem handling the Seagate Expansion Card with its dimensions of 8 x 32 x 53 mm for 30 grams. Its small format is comparable to a memory card of the time and what is also interesting is that it is plug and play. In other words, you don’t have to install/download anything. Once inserted, it is operational and will be instantly recognized by the console. Likewise, you will be notified.

An efficient expansion card

To provide fluidity, performance, and power, Microsoft has integrated various technologies into its next-generation consoles. We can mention Xbox Velocity that has the particularity of considerably reducing the loading time of the games. There is also Quick Resume, whose specificity is to be able to launch several games simultaneously. As a unique accessory, the Seagate expansion card seamlessly integrates these technologies. According to Seagate, its features are of the same caliber as console SSDs.

In fact, there is still a slight variation in performance between the two. The expansion card is a little below what the SSD of Microsoft’s next-gen consoles offers. That being said, this difference in performance, in this case regarding the loading time of the games, is not so evident. Also, compared to other storage solutions, Seagate’s expansion card still stands out above the rest.

For more information, feel free to read our full test on the Seagate expansion card.

Alternatives to the Seagate expansion card?

You can also go for an external hard drive or external SSD to store your Xbox games, but you won’t be able to launch them. Here’s our guide to the best external hard drives right now on Frandroid.

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