the “official” electric road sedan, but don’t be curious

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After months of rumors, BMW confirms that the new i5 electric car will be officially launched at the end of the year. Followed by thermal and hybrid versions and available as a station wagon, it should be equipped with level 3 autonomous driving.

Current BMW 545e (plug-in hybrid)
Current BMW 545e (plug-in hybrid), for illustration

Like all manufacturers, BMW will have no choice but to comply with the will of the European Union and sell only electric models from 2035. Fortunately, the firm already has a well-stocked range, with its i4, iX, iX1 , iX3 too. like the i7. But it does not intend to rest on its laurels, while planning the launch of another vehicle, already highly anticipated.

Arrival at the end of the year

This is the future BMW i5, which has been the subject of many rumors for several months. But if until then BMW had not yet confirmed anything, now the German firm begins its campaign of ridicule. In a press release in which he details the sales results of the last year and announces his goals for 2023, the manufacturer formalizes the launch of the saloon.

He explains that “ later this year, The BMW Group will expand its electric range with the BMW i5“. This has the merit of being clear and therefore confirms the statements of the German site. autozeitung. But for now, the Bavarian company still doesn’t want to say too much about this newcomer, which will be available in several versions.

In fact, in addition to the classic sedan, a family version would also be on the program. A real asset that will allow you to stand out in the market, while the electric pickup segment is still underdeveloped. In fact, customers have to choose between two radically opposite vehicles, namely the Porsche Taycan Sport Turismo and the MG 5. Replacing the current 5 Series, which is therefore about to be retired, this i5 will not be based on the Neue Klasse platform.

This, heralded by the BMW i Vision Dee concept at CES in Las Vegas, will be inaugurated in 2025 by the future 3 Series and will only be dedicated to electric vehicles. However, the next i5 is rumored to be available as well. in thermal and plug-in hybrid versionsas the site explains automotive cleaning. However, these will arrive a little later in the catalog, since BMW wants above all to emphasize the 100% electric variants.

Generous autonomy

Precisely, in its press release, the company announces that its goal for 2023 is that 15% of total sales come from all-electric vehicles. Suffice it to say that BMW is strongly committed to its future i5, whose technical characteristics have not yet been revealed. However, rumors point to a power of about 213 kW (about 290 horsepower) for the basic version, equipped with a single engine that sends all the cavalry to the rear wheels.

Equipped with a 400 volt system, the electric sedan must carry a battery from 80 to 101.7 kWh, allowing you to exceed 600 kilometers according to the WLTP cycle. This should not go any further, as a BMW spokesman said he did not want to aim for 1,000 kilometers of range. In fact, this would imply a battery that is too large, which would increase the weight and consumption of the vehicles, but also the prices.

bmw i4

Instead, the firm is committed to recharging, pending the development of solid batteries, which will make it possible to travel longer distances thanks to a higher density of stored electricity. Meanwhile, BMW will implement new batteries supplied by CATL in their vehicles based on their Neue Klasse platform. They will undoubtedly be made in Europe, as the company has just opened its first factory there.

Also according to the German outlet, the future BMW i5 should be equipped with level 3 autonomous driving. Thus, it will compete with the Mercedes EQS, the only S-Class car approved with this feature, which can be used on European roads from the start. last summer.

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