The next AirPods Max would not be for now

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Apple doesn’t plan to revamp its audio product lines before the end of 2024, or even the beginning of 2025. We’re expecting AirPods Max 2, a HomePod mini 2, and AirPods Lite.

Apple AirPod Max
Apple AirPods Max // Source: Arnaud Gelineau – Frandroid

Buy the product in the current range or wait for the next one? The question regularly comes up when you are a fan of tech products. With AirPods Max celebrating its three years this year, there’s something to be excited about.

Especially since Apple launched into a big transition to USB-C, there’s a lot left to do than the next generation itself equips. A good reason to wait a bit, especially in a helmet of 629 euros.

The audio would wait

Except here, according to the often well-informed Ming Chi Kuo, the next great renewal of the audio ranges at Apple would not be for now. After the very recent launch of a 2nd generation HomePod, the Cupertino company would wait until the end of 2024, or even the beginning of 2025, to launch new products in this universe.

This would include AirPods Max 2, but also a HomePod mini 2 and AirPods Lite.

The release of a second HomePod mini 2 may seem surprising. In fact, the first generation had made HomePod 1 less interesting. With the release of HomePod 2, it’s surprising to note that Apple would take the same risk.

Meanwhile, the AirPods Lite would be appropriately named. These would be entry-level AirPods capable of competing with very good entry-level and mid-range wireless headphones like the Nothing ear (1) or the Realme Buds Air 3. As a reminder, the AirPods 2 are listed today at 159 euros, so we can expect AirPods Lite closer to 100 euros.

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