the new v4 superchargers finally solve a very problematic situation

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On March 1, 2023, Investor Day, Tesla announced the arrival of v4 superchargers in Europe. They achieve Superchargers v3. One of its great novelties: a longer cable. We explain why this changes everything in practice, by solving a seemingly simple problem, but potentially very complicated depending on the situation.

The v4 superchargers were eagerly awaited. This Wednesday, March 1, 2023, late in the afternoon, Tesla took advantage of Investor Day to announce its arrival, initially in Europe. Unfortunately, few details were released.

At the moment, we know that the v4 Superchargers will have longer cables than the v3 Superchargers currently installed around the world. So that ? The answer is very simple, and look for the opening of Superchargers to all electric cars.

The problem of Superchargers v2 and v3

The v2 and v3 Superchargers that are installed in Europe are equipped with charging cables whose length has been designed for Tesla electric cars, with their hatch at the left rear of the car. If an electric car with a hatch installed in front wants to connect to the terminal, the cable is too short. This car is then forced to park in the adjacent parking space, thus blocking access to the terminal for another electric car.

A BMW i4 on Superchargers / Source: D. Nogueira

This situation has already been seen in some charging stations equipped with Superchargers. The consequence: frustrated drivers, because some free terminals can be made inaccessible by a parking space occupied by an electric car from another manufacturer, which charges at the adjoining terminal.

And since Superchargers are seen as an advantage when buying a Tesla, the American manufacturer wants this type of situation not to multiply. Therefore, the solution is very simple: extend the charging cables, thanks to Superchargers v4.

Superchargers v4: the information

We’d like to know more about these v4 Superchargers, as rumors have heralded higher charging power, at 350 kW (as in Ionity), versus the current 250 kW of the v3 Superchargers.

This power increase may come later, when the Cybertruck hits the market this summer. Because to harness that charging power, you need an 800 volt architecture. And precisely, Tesla’s electric truck should change the 400-volt architecture of the Tesla Model S, Model X, Model 3 and Model Y for an 800-volt electric platform.

Source: Ulrich Rozier for Frandroid

In the United States, v4 superchargers are not yet on the agenda. As of this week, Tesla has opened 10 stations to all electric cars. For this, the American manufacturer has had to mount the Magic Dock, which allows the CCS1 universal combo port to be adapted with Tesla’s proprietary port.

In Europe, Tesla announces that Tesla superchargers have already started rolling out.

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