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Tesla announces some changes for its Model S, which offers a new body color, ultra red. But that’s not all, because the electric saloon is also full of new features to be safer, more functional and more efficient.

Not a day goes by that we don’t hear about Tesla. And it is not for less, Elon Musk’s firm is not idle at the moment, a few days after the celebration of its Investor Day during which, among others, it announced its Master Plan 3 and its Gigafactory in Mexico. But that’s not all, because the manufacturer also plans to redesign its Model 3 and Model Y, among others, without forgetting the recent price cuts on its two flagship cars, as well as its Model S and Model X.

a new color

The big sedan is also talking about her today for a completely different reason. Yeah At the moment no restyling is planned in the strict sense, while the last one dates from 2016, the brand has nevertheless decided to offer you small improvements. Thus, the first model designed by the manufacturer and presented for the first time in 2009 enriches its color palette.

As the brand announces, a whole new ultra red makes its arrival in the range, replacing the old Rouge Multi-Couches. Also offered on the Model X, this sees its price rise fromnow it is billed at 3,200 euros, against 2,000 euros for the previous one. This color is not yet available on the Model 3 and Model Y, while the latter retains are superbe midnight cherry.

Fun fact: These were the 9 colors that the Model S launched in 2012.

—Sawyer Merritt (@SawyerMerritt) March 10, 2023

For the record, this color is currently only available for European customers, while it is only produced at the Gigafactory in Berlin. As noted merritt sawyeran investor in Tesla, in a tweet, the range of colors offered on the Model S has drastically decreased over the years. from 9 to 15 between 2012 and 2015 to reach just 5 in 2023.

If the brand does not give specific reasons, the increase in sales can explain this situation, while Tesla sold more than a million cars worldwide in 2022. Thus, logistics are simplified and deliveries are a little faster. These are scheduled between April and June. if you order a Model S today, regardless of color.

many improvements

But the electric sedan doesn’t just look prettier, with its hue reminiscent of Mazda’s stunning Soul Red Crystal. Because it is also more pleasant to live and drive. Tesla effectively heralds the arrival ofa new panoramic roof letting in more light. The brand promises that protection against heat and UV rays remains unchanged. A welcome change, as the old panoramic roof was too dark, making it difficult to see through to enjoy the sky.

If the driving position does not change, although it notably retains its large touch screen that now integrates the Steam video game catalog, Tesla falls back on one point. In fact, this small update signs the return of the round flyer, which is again offered alongside the Yoke we recently tested. Introduced in 2021, it’s struggling to win unanimous support, despite Elon Musk saying he’s here to stay.

Finally, the Plaid version now has new brakes more efficient and more resistant to heat. The running boards are still painted red, as has been the case since the release of this version. Tesla won’t say if the Model X Plaid also benefits from these new brakes. All these enhancements should also be available on the European market, while theModels sold with us are made in the USA..

Instead, Tesla announces $89,900 admission ticket for its sedan, around 84,388 euros. A fare valid only on the other side of the Atlantic, as long as it takes at least less than 113,990 euros in France for the basic version with all-wheel drive. The Plaid variant starts from 138,990 euros.

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