The new Tesla Model 3 is closer than ever, here is a new test

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According to the latest indiscretions, updates on the production of the Tesla Model 3 at the Shanghai gigafactory are being made. In the end, the factory would be ready to launch the famous redesigned Tesla Model 3, called the Highland.

Tesla Model 3 // Source: Frandroid / Midjourney

We told you about it recently, and the updated Tesla Model 3 talks about it again today. Currently codenamed “Highland”, and still unconfirmed officially, it would be closer to release than we might have thought so far.

Production stopped in Shanghai

The Shanghai Gigafactory is by far Tesla’s most productive factory today. In 2022, of the 1.37 million vehicles produced by Elon Musk’s company, more than half left the production lines of the Chinese factory.

Cars in the parking lot of the Shanghai Gigafactory waiting to be transported around the world

Thus, when the American firm was forced to stop production in the famous Giga Shanghai —and that it is not related to the pandemic— we can imagine that there are important changes on the agenda.

According Bloombergpart of the factory’s production is stopped from this Sunday until the end of February, in order to allow the launch of the famous Tesla Model 3 Highland in the coming weeks.

See you next March 1

This more or less coincides with Tesla Investor Day, which takes place on March 1, and where Elon Musk is eagerly awaited. China is a very competitive market in the electric sedan segment, and Tesla could bounce back after a year in which Model 3 sales may have been below expectations.

The price adjustment earlier in the year wouldn’t have been enough to convince enough buyers, who are no doubt waiting for the Tesla Model 3 Highland to make up their minds.

As a reminder, it is from this factory that the Tesla Model 3 destined for Europe come from, waiting for Berlin to increase its production rate and start manufacturing the electric sedan as well. At the moment, only the Tesla Model Y Performance and Grande Autonomie are manufactured in Europe.

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