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Windows 11 File Explorer will be revised in the coming months. Microsoft began to quietly mock the new design.

Windows 11 // Source: Microsoft

We’ve known for several months now that Windows 11’s File Explorer will finally ditch its legacy design from previous versions of Windows for something more modern. Those plans are now coming to fruition with a small announcement from Microsoft.

In fact, the firm has presented its work on the use of WinAppSDK with the file explorer during an online video. In other words, use the new developer tools in Windows 11 to create a modern file explorer that can better integrate system functions.

design changes

If the appearance of the file explorer does not seem to change radically, we can still notice some changes.

We see, for example, that the details panel for “This PC” now offers actions and information about recent activity.

By increasingly using its own modern development tools for Windows, Microsoft is also forcing itself to improve its performance. For a long time, apps that offered a modern interface with Windows 8 or Windows 10 suffered from bugs or performance issues compared to their counterparts that used very classic and proven libraries.

One of Microsoft’s goals with Windows 11 is to harmonize the user experience. This kind of change should go a long way. It’s time for Windows to remove traces of system versions dating back decades.

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