the neobank will launch a new “luxury” offering

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This new “Luxury Subscription” from Revolut completes its range of cards and will launch in Spring 2023.

In addition to Plus, Premium and Metal subscriptions, Ultra will complete the range of subscriptions on Revolut. It is specifically a card with a positioning ” deluxe » designed for the wealthier clients who want high-end services. This offer will initially be offered to Revolut customers located in Europe and the UK.

An Ultra Card for the Ultra Rich?

If we haven’t gotten there yet, we still have to point to the neobank’s desire to satisfy its wealthier clients who could potentially move on to the competition. We are thinking in particular of the offers of Premium online banks such as BforBank and its VISA Infinite card.

While very little is yet known about the concrete additions of this new offer and the conditions necessary to take advantage of it (if any), the press release indicates that Ultra will offer unique privileges and rewards regarding the ” travel, lifestyle and wealth management “There is also talk of free access to airport VIP lounges, discounts in partnership with brands preferred by bank customers, refund of money and reduced rates on exclusive heritage products.

Tara Massoudi, General Manager of Premium Products at Revolut, takes the opportunity to state:

To meet our customers’ expectations, we are launching a membership that offers more options and flexibility in managing your finances. There is no offer on the market similar to the one we are launching in Europe, not a single player capable of offering such a product. We take a new approach to offer a single card and membership package to people who love premium travel and experiences, as well as transparent wealth management.

While this new offer is expected in Spring 2023 and more information will arrive by then, current and interested customers can join the waitlist today to receive $5 rebate.% off purchases made at your first month of Ultra membership. In fact, current Revolut Premium and Metal customers will get early access for the next two months.

If you are interested, you can open a free account with Revolut by clicking the link below.

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