The most affordable 8TB SSD of all today is the Samsung 870 QVO (-42%)

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SSDs with large storage capacities are expensive. For example, the Samsung 870 QVO with 8 TB of storage was launched at 799 euros, but today it is possible to get it for 467 euros. This is the lowest price ever shown on Amazon.

SSDs in 2.5-inch format pluggable to SATA III have seen their price drop considerably since the arrival of SSDs in NVMe format pluggable to the PCIe ports of your motherboard. In fact, now it is not so rare to find a classic 1TB SSD for less than 60 euros, but it is still a little more difficult to find a good price for a much higher storage capacity. Finally, until today, since the 8 TB Samsung 870 QVO is at -43% thanks to this offer, which is equivalent to paying only 57 euros per terabyte.

What to remember about the Samsung 870 QVO

  • A high-capacity 8TB SSD
  • High transfer speed, up to 560 MB/s
  • Fits on both your desktop PC and your laptop

Instead of 799 euros at launch, the Samsung 870 QVO SSD with 8 TB of storage is now available for sale for 467 euros on Amazon. Please note that this is the lowest price ever displayed on the US trading platform.

Samsung 870 QVO 8TB SSD price history on Amazon // Source: Keepa.

SSD-like performance

The SSD 870 QVO is identical to its predecessor, the 860. We find ourselves with exactly the same design, therefore, always with a standard size of 2.5 inches to be able to slip into the bowels of a fixed PC as well as a laptop -except for the ultrabook-. However, it is different from its big brother, because being part of Samsung’s second generation of QLC SSDs, the 870 QVO offers random speed and improved performance. Thus, it allows to obtain a maximum transfer speed of up to 560 MB/s in reading and 530 MB/s in writing. It is therefore 10 MB/s more than the 860 QVO.

This new model also incorporates the new TurboWrite technology, which accelerates write speeds and maintains high performance in the long run thanks to a larger buffer. Not to mention the fourth generation of V-NAND memory, which is there to increase endurance, speed, and reduce overall power consumption.

Why such a large storage capacity?

With this Samsung 870 QVO SSD model, you’ll be entitled to 8TB or 8,000GB of data to store. If the good majority of mortals are satisfied with 1 or 2 TB, having such a large storage capacity can cover various needs, especially those of photography and video professionals. It’s also a good way for gamers who want to fully install their Steam, Epic Games, or other library. To give you an idea, you can install about 80 sets of the same scale as cyberpunk 2077 either red dead redemption 2which are over 100 GB, while enjoying fast load times.

In addition, compared to a slower HDD, opting for an SSD is also the guarantee of prolonging your digital life much longer, since without mechanical parts that can break inside, in case of shock, vibration, etc.

Prefer an external SSD?

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