The MG 4 will rub shoulders with the Tesla Model 3 Performance with a new version

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Just under a year after its launch, the MG4 is about to expand its range with two new variants. The first will stand out for its greater autonomy, while the second will offer top-level performance. To the point of competing with the Tesla Model 3 Performance?

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While many Chinese electric car makers have been invading Europe for some time, such as Nio, BYD, and even Xpeng, one brand had already taken the lead. This is MG, which made its great comeback in France in 2020, after his death in 2005. The former British firm, which has become a subsidiary of the SAIC Motor group, now markets several models with us, including the ZS EV, EHS, Marvel R and other MG5s. Not to mention the MG4, which is a great success.

Encouraging figures

Indeed, as the Chinese brand has announced in a press release it has just published, the electric compact, a rival to the Renault Mégane E-Tech and other Volkswagen ID.3, attracts the public. Thus, she stands in 5th in electric car sales in January 2023. A great performance for which it has an unbeatable price, from 29,990 euros, ecological bonus of 5,000 euros not discounted.

With such positioning, it is not surprising that the new star of the brand has registered more than 7,000 orders since September last in France alone. If it currently exists in two versions with two battery sizes, 51 and 64 kWh, the first represents no less than 35% of sales, which is a very good figure.

But the manufacturer does not intend to rest on its achievements, especially since the electric compact could have to deal with another rival. This would also come to us from China, as it would be the Zeekr 003, which should arrive on the European market in the coming years, probably in 2024.

Thus, MG takes advantage of the publication of its results for the last year to report on its plans for the future. And between them, the arrival of new versions for the MG4, in order to attract an even larger clientele and thereby grab market share from its rivals. As a reminder, the electric car sales ranking was dominated in December by the Dacia Spring, the Tesla Model 3 and the Renault Mégane E-Tech. The Chinese compact was in tenth position.

More autonomy and a performance version

Thus, and as MG officially announces, customers will soon be able to afford a new variant that benefits from extended autonomy, which will then probably exceed 500 kilometers according to the European WLTP cycle. For memory, the MG 4 currently tops out at 450 kilometers in its intermediate Comfort version equipped with the 64 kWh NMC (Nickel Manganese Cobalt) battery, the 51 kWh variant uses LFP (Lithium Iron Phosphate) technology and rumors announce a 77 kWh battery for this new version.

But that is not all. Because the Chinese firm will also introduce a sportier version in Europe that it already sells in its native country under the name of Mulan Triumph Edition. With us, the compact will be called X-Power but it will resume more or less the same technical specifications, while offering all-wheel drive. According to the company, then it will claim a power of 450 horsepower and a torque of 600 Nmagainst 204 horsepower and 250 Nm for the currently most efficient version.

Quite an advance for the compact, therefore, which will be able to reach 0 to 100 km/h in less than four seconds, compared to the current 7.9 seconds. Thus, the new MG4 X-Power will be able togo hunting in the lands of the Tesla Model 3 Performance, which requires 3.3 seconds to perform the same exercise. The 64 kWh battery will be maintained, but nothing has been said about autonomy, which should be somewhat less. MG specifies that the undercarriage has also been reworkedas well as electronics without giving more details.

as the site says automotive cleaningMG promises the arrival of a range planner in its cars, as well as one-pedal driving, as in the Nissan Leaf among others. By 2025, the company plans to launch no fewer than ten cars, including the MG4 already on the market, as well as an electric roadster inspired by the Cyberster concept. The latter should compete with the Tesla Roadster and the next generation of the Mazda MX-5that he will continue his career as promised by the European head of the brand, Martijn ten Brink in car.

The strong case for the MG4 will be a little less strong in 2023

The MG star will be more expensive in 2023. This is what we just learned by trading concessions. This is not the only MG model affected.
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