The MacBook Air M3 would prove that buying the M2 really wasn’t recommended

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Apple would have switched to an annual cycle for its new Macs. The new MacBook Air would therefore already be getting closer and would bring much more news than the revision of the M2.

Source: Chloé Pertuis – Frandroid

Beyond a significant new design, the lack of newness in the MacBook Air M2 and the machine’s increased price forced us not to recommend it during our testing. It seems that Apple is about to prove us right with a much more interesting MacBook Air M3.

A new technological gap

This is journalist Mark Gurman from Bloomberg that you can now talk about it in the columns of your PowerOn newsletter. The journalist affirms that Apple has adopted an annual renewal cycle for its Macs, like the iPhone.

The MacBook Air M2 was released in June 2022. Therefore, we can also expect a new generation in the coming months with the Apple M3 chip.

This new chip would transition from the 5nm used in the Apple M1 and M2 to 3nm. This important change would mean a nice increase in performance, and above all a reduction in the consumption of the machine. In other words, we should be entitled to greater autonomy.

The MacBook Air M2 would therefore only have been there to mark the calendar in 2022 and wait until the transition to the M3 generation in 3nm this year.

It is also on this occasion that Apple should present a new machine: the MacBook Air M3 in a 15-inch version. I hope the prices of the machines will be more reasonable.

If Apple sticks to the same schedule, we can expect a WWDC presentation in June 2023.

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